Frenchfields imports French chicken breeding stock used to produce the esteemed Label Rouge chicken, the only parent flock in America accepted as a true red label product. This chicken is specifically selected for high culinary quality. We follow the red label protocol that specifies small flocks, low stocking density, all vegetable diet, access to range, eighty-four days on feed, and air chilling used to cool the bird during processing. About 30 percent of the chickens sold in France are true Label Rouge. Not by accident, for the chickens are a true epicurean delight.

Listing last updated on Aug 13, 2013

True French Label Rouge chicken from breeding stock imported from France. A true epicureans delight. Slowly grown in small flocks with access to range. No other farm in America offers this chicken.

We sell whole chickens ready to cook. The birds are delivered or boxed and shipped on Wednesday of each week

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