100-Acre Wood Organic Farm

We are a small family-owned farm that offers rotationally pastured beef, lamb and goat, and chicken and pork that are rotationally pastured and fed certified-organic grains, with added kelp and probiotics. Our animals are offered North Atlantic Kelp free-choice, and are never given any injections, growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO grains...EVER!!!

We are in the process of becoming certified organic, but have always fed only certified organic grains. We have never had any chemicals on our pastures. We also offer organic/heirloom produce at our local Hubbard Lake Farmers Market on Saturdays and anytime from our farm during the season with a phone call first.

Our meats are vacuum-packed and frozen, and are available at our farm year-round or while supplies last by the individual cut. We also take orders for pork, lamb and goat by the 1/2 or whole, and broiler chickens by each, with a $.10 discount per pound when purchasing 5 chickens or more.

Listing last updated on May 13, 2013

We offer goat shares for fresh, raw goats milk from our "queens of the farm". Our girls are hand-milked in our new steel milking parlor, and the milk is quickly cooled for your enjoyment. Our girls are NEVER given any grains, and are fed certified-organic alfalfa when no pasture is available. We raise Nubian and LaMancha goats, and have a few doelings for sale per season.

Schedule and Location:

Hubbard Lake Farmer's Market
Hubbard Lake Lion's Club
May thru October
Saturdays, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Schedule and Location:

100-Acre Wood Organic Farm
4836 Scott Road
Hubbard Lake, MI 49747
Please call 989/727-2404
Shopping available anytime we're home!

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We bought half a pig from 100 acre wood this past spring. Everything was delicious and very good pricing!

The meat is to die for!

We are local to the 'Farm' and have been enjoying fresh eggs for quite some time. We've seen the operation up close and in person and we're very impressed!

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