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123 Farm has been working to create a farm that is 100% true organic, sustainable and humane since the early 1990's... We absolutely do not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals and try to make sure we do not have any of those in our composts, feeds or any other products that we buy, work, pack with or sell... Our practice of using natural resources as much as possible adheres to our philosophy of living in harmony with the land, nature and wildlife that surrounds us. We irrigate with natural spring water from our own creek. All of our Herbs are hand-harvested, hand planted, hand-weeded and manually processed. Our specific altitude, climate, and temperature changes make it possible for 123 Farm to produce very high quality essential oils and hydrosols. We continually strive to provide our customers with the best organic products, research and information for the benefit of their overall health and to improve quality of life. We have about 1000 Olive trees on our Property, some of whom are 80-100 years or older and press our own Olive-Oil. We also raise certified organic Livestock - mainly Sheep, Chicken (Eggs) and Beef, as well as a few Pigs. We are in the process of starting to grow more and more Organic Herbs and Vegetables for our Restaurant The Grand Oak Steakhouse and Bar (www.thegrandoak.com).

Our animals are especially popular with younger visitors... Visit our website to learn more or experience the history and tranquility of our 160 year old Resort & Farm full of history for yourself...

If you stay here during the weekend, you can explore our extensive hiking trails for yourself. They are open for signed-in visitors every weekend...


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123 Farm grows certified organic Lavender, Rosemary and Peppermint, Sheep, Chickens, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers. During Bloom in mid June, we host the annual Lavender Festival. A beautiful event for families and individuals to experience farm tours, lavender cuisine, organic herbal products, aromatherapy classes and more. 123 Farm is located on the property of Highland Springs Resort, set in the foothills of the beautiful and tranquile San Bernadino Mountains in southern California.

Certified Organic Lavender Hydrosol, Essential Oils and Dried Culinary Lavender

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This is a very charming farm to visit, and my family and I experienced the best Sunday brunch at the farm's on-site restaurant, The Grand Oak Steakhouse.... [more]

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