14 GreenAche'rs Agricultural Products

Woodford, Virginia
Family Farm

14 GreenAche'rs Agricultural Products

We are a small family poultry farm. We have guineas, 5 breeds of chickens, and 2 breeds of turkeys. We hatch our own eggs and raise all our own birds. We sell farm fresh brown eggs all year long. Our chickens consist of 3 heritage breeds: Delawares, Buckeyes, and Barred Rocks; also Buff Orpingtons (an English breed) and Araucanas (the "Easter egg chickens"). We also raise and sell our Narragansett turkeys (a heritage breed) for the Thanksgiving holiday. We also sell fresh guinea and turkey eggs when we have them, and can also offer fertile eggs for customers to hatch themselves, along with live bird sales. We also offer fryers, broilers, and roasters for sale throughout the year. While we sell our eggs through private local delivery or at the Bowling Green Farmer's Market; we only sell our butchered birds from our farm! We invite customers to visit our farm to see or feed our poultry.

Listing last updated on Apr 16, 2009

Fresh brown eggs, Easter eggs, Heritage chickens, Heritage turkeys.

Schedule and Location:

Bowling Green Farmer's Market, Saturdays 8 to 12

Schedule and Location:

13479 Stonewall Jackson Rd., Woodford, VA

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I'm not sure what I was expecting for a free range turkey, but the one I received was HUGE and VERY tasty. It was definitely a great addition to our Thanksgiving dinner and made me feel better that it wasn't filled with chemicals and steroids.... [more]

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