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2 Rivers Sheep Farm (formally Shepherd's Crossing) has been a growing family sheep farm for 15 years. In spring of '06 we made a decision to relocate from MO to AR then in '09 off to CO for more sheep adventures! We are finally back home in MO with no plans to relocate again! At 2 Rivers Sheep Farm we raise and sell Dorper/Katadhin sheep & lambs. Katadhin sheep are a "hair" breed of sheep. They are raised especially for their wonderful mild flavor. The Dorper breed are considered a shedding wool sheep. They are known for their quick and vigorous growth. Most lamb purchased at large grocery chains come from New Zealand. They are defiantly not locally grown! You are welcome to come out and pick your own lamb or you can pick it up already packaged. We usually have lamb for sale at all times of the year but at the moment we are low on numbers growing as fast as we can. We are not certified Organic but we use care with our worming schedules and worm as little as needed (usually twice a year), we use antibiotics when absolutely necessary which in the long run makes for healthy sheep. We never add antibiotics to feed or water, we treat individual sheep on an as needed basis and they are kept out of the feed chain till they are healthy and no trace of antibiotics are left in their systems. I feed our lamb to my family and friends and am proud of the meat we produce!

We also have sheep manure and hay compost which is a wonderful natural fertilizer available. Just call and set a time to come out, we provide the recycled bags and you provide the shoveler! Free while supplies last, if we run out give us a week and we'll have more! Along with raising sheep we also use and train sheepdogs. Without our dogs the sheep would be much harder for us to manage. We would be happy to show you how we use our dogs to help us manage our sheep farm. We would also be happy to help you get started in the sheep business or help you learn to use a working stock dog to help manage your own farm. Border Collies can be used to work sheep or cattle. A good dog can do the work of 5 good farm hands!

Please give us a call and stop by for a visit! 314-402-5299


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Naturally raised lamb. Pick your own or pick up your packaged meat. Usually available at all times of the year, but call to see what's available, we're are in the process of regrowing our flock so are keeping some of our lambs.

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Call to see what is available.

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