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2 Sisters Farm Fresh Eggs & Vegetables/ 2 Sisters Garden & Greenhouse LLC

2 SISTERS wants to thank all those that patronized our business over the last 6 years that we operated as a going concern. We are all grown up now and pursuing our secondary educations, thanks again for making that possible!


Our special produce eggs are organic from Free Range hens. No cages, Hormones or antibiotics. EVER! Our CNG vegetables are all organic. No genetically altered seed. No synthetic chemical insecticide, Herbicides or fertilizers. EVER! Thanks for your support". This season we proud to annouce we distributed Over 2000 lbs of fresh vegetables. FREE OF CHARGE to our Local food pantry operated by The Salvation Army, shut ins and a residential living center, 'The Manor House'. If you Live in the Bolivar, MO area and would benifit from this program. PLEASE email via this web page! We would also like to thank. America-the-Beautiful-seed-fund which collects and saves a ton of seed each year from needlessly filling our landfills and redistributes the outdated seed to charitable projects. And especially to GARY IBSON from tomatoefest.com for the fresh heirloom tomato seed varieties. All of which can be found at tomatofest.com . About half the vegetables donated this year were from his donated seed . It's a great place to learn about the wonderful world of heirloom tomatoes!

Free-range Eggs are Better for your Health

Tests of eggs from our free-range flocks found that, compared to U.S. Department of Agriculture nutrient data for eggs from confinement production systems, these eggs from chickens raised on free range were much more nutritious - up to twice as rich in vitamin E, two to six times richer in beta carotene (a form of vitamin A) and four times richer in omega-3 fatty acids. And, the free-range eggs averaged only half as much cholesterol as the USDA data indicates for confinement-system eggs. The testing was conducted by Skaggs Nutrition Laboratory at Utah State University and Food Products Laboratory in Portland, Ore.,


Research published in 2001 showed that the current fruit and vegetables in the USA have about half the vitamin content of their counterparts in 1963. This study was based on comparing published US Department of Agriculture (USDA) figures. The organically grown food averaged 63% higher in calcium, 73% higher in iron, 118% higher in magnesium, 178% higher in molybdenum, 91% higher in phosphorus, 125% higher in potassium and 60% higher in zinc. The organic food averaged 29% lower in mercury than the conventionally raised food. A peer reviewed scientific article published in the February 2003 edition of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry stated that organically grown foods have significantly higher levels of cancer fighting antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. They are protective compounds that act as a plant's natural defense and also have protective properties in human and animal health. Two comprehensive studies have been published that compared the differences between organic and conventional foods. Both studies analyzed around 40 previously published studies, each independently of the other. One study was conducted in the UK by Shane Heaton for the Soil Society and the other in the USA by Virginia Worthington as peer reviewed university graduate thesis. Both studies came up with similar conclusions showing that there is overwhelming evidence that organic food is more nutritious than conventional food. One of the authors stated: On average our research found higher vitamin C, higher mineral levels and higher phytonutrients plant compounds which can be effective against cancer. There's also less water in organic vegetables so pound for pound you get more carrot for your carrot. It is no coincidence that the consumer demand for food supplements has grown, as the amount of minerals and vitamins decline, in conventionally farmed food. Many people cannot get the necessary quantity and quality of nutrition from food grown from synthetic chemicals.


We are Rebecca (age 15), and Kristina (age 14). We live on Mossybottom, a small tract of mostly mature cedar trees and moss. Mossybottom is situated in a valley that has two rills, which join into one. A rill is a small brook or small stream that is not considered navigatable and therefore has no recognized name on the map, though ours is clearly shown on the Polk County Map. Our rill feeds Lindley Creek, which in turn feeds Lake Pomme de Terre in Southwest Missouri, Ozarks. On which our parents take us paddle boating and cliff diving! It is only a 15-20 minute drive from Mossybottom, depending on who is driving. We have two bridges that span our rill on a 600 ' circular driveway. The low water bridge is about 100' of the front of our cabin, and a triple arched stone bridge the same distance WSW to the rear of the cabin. We have: nature trails, bird watching posts, and a tree house with a deck overlooking our own private BBQ area that we call "The Weenie Ring" because we roast ( all meat locally produced 'natural' ) wieners most the time. But the coolest part of all is the main house. Our cabin is a cedar post and beam structure built by hand from the trees taken out of the long winding driveway and garden s' area. The cabin actually spans the creek on stilts and we have 7, count them 7, waterfalls. Three of which can be seen from our living room couch through huge wall sized windows. On Mossybottom we raise naturally grow organic vegetables and free range chicken eggs. We Have embarked on a program to produce shiitake mushrooms through forest farming and should have our first FLUSH or fruiting in September 2007. ( these have done very well) These will be natural/organic also and they will not be grown on sawdust substrates., but rather will be naturally log grown for better quality and longer shelf life.

We are home schooled by our dad, while he writes and trades stocks via the internet. He has helped us turn the prophits from our business into A Jeep Cherokee ( big nobby tires cool) for Tina. And a Cherry Dodge Dakota longBed with matching fiberglass shell. I got my drivers permit in august . And dad will be glad when I can finally drive and deliver along with my sister Tina. Our mom is a teacher in the Bolivar , Mo school system, She hates it because she is surrounded by liberals that don't teach but preach... That why we our home schooled ...Government school SUCKS and yes I am allowed to say that. It's the only cuss word Iam allowed to use and that SUCKS too! Thanks for visiting our web page. We can be found on eat wild too. It shows a partial listing of the stores and restaurants I and my sister supply!


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