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We are a USDA certified organic hydroponic greenhouse facility, our organic certifier is QCS. Over the last 5 years we have co-developed an Organic feed program certified by OMRI, that has produced magnificent greens of superior taste and strength, as most hydroponic greens are fragile and desiccate after harvest. Our living greens last 30 days in storage @ 38-42 degrees, according to our test and reports from our customers. Our Tomatoes have been referred to by Executive chefs at premier Florida Resorts as the best tasting, highest brix tomato they have ever served. Our herbs and specifically basil's and arugula have high oil content making pastas and Pesto come alive, and the arugula is a sharp earthy spice that speaks for itself. All our seasonal fruit is sweet, and has a great shelf life.

Our secret is simple, run a farm with the highest attention to detail, maintain the highest levels of food safety (Primus Food Safety Labs certified) and daily sanitation, and most importantly, as growers you must be pro-active and keep accurate log books on all crops, and anticipate everything and prepare for the unexpected. Most farmers are reactive growers; this means they wait until a problem occurs, then try to figure out how to fix it. The plant stress and potential failure makes and breaks farms. We do things scientifically and with attention to detail and amore, yes love as if you don't enjoy what you are doing, and always strive to be the best, find another profession.

We have set the benchmark for greenhouse growing in Florida, and was the first farm to become certified organic using NFT hydroponics. I developed the equipment and protocols that allow us to produce 90% of our produce all year, something very few can claim nationally let alone Florida.

Our partners are USDA, Equip who has supported us with matching grants for our rainwater irrigation systems utilizing solar pumps for our field crops. And SWFWMD that graciously had provided matching funds for our 150,000 rainwater recovery systems. By using rainwater that has been treated we do not use precious ground water for sanitation and cooling that makes up 90% of our daily usage. By doing this, we have exceeded our goal of eliminating 10 million gallons of water withdrawals from our Florida aquifer. In fact our growing practices are so fine-tuned, compare that to a greenhouse using 14,000 gallons of water for a typical inefficient stacker (drain to waste system) program. Were 3 Boys Farm is using only 450-500 gallons per day per building for more plants!. By recycling every precious drop, and climate controlling the buildings each greenhouse has ZERO emissions and is 100% green beyond most peoples expectations. Because of our protocols of new and old technology we were awarded in 2010 the Environmental leadership Award in 3 categories. We practice what we preach, and deliver the finest in produce.


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3 Boys Farm is the leader in green technologies and BMP's in the industry. Every day we harvest sun, wind and rain to offset our footprint on earth as a producer of the finest USDA certified produce. Employees are GAP trained and we grow 365 days a year. Our facility is Avendra approved, & Primus Labs certified. Using our own pollinators we guarantee heirloom tomatoes true to species with no GMO or environmental pollution. Only certifed seed are use and we employ state of the art trace-back.

Schedule and Location:

St Petersburg Florida Saturdays from 8:30 am -2:30 pm

Look for Deborah under the 3BF canopies with our big Peace sign logo's. Come early if you want tomatoes they sell out before noon during season.

Call Karen @ 813 645 5445 M-F 7:30 am to 4pm
All produce is packed by cases count or weight in FDA approved clam-shells or boxes. All produce is trace-back labeled, and for resellers we have product codes and labels and offer tamper-proof packaging as well.

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I volunteer here regularly. They have one of the bigest hydroponic pesticide free facilities in the area. Beyond Organic is a good way to put it, they put very hard work and detail to how they grow here.... [more]

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