I planted over 300 trees in 2005. I have spring water that is used for the whole grove and my vegetables. I have 3 kinds of pomegranates, navel oranges, and fig trees.

My main citrus trees are sweet limes which I have approximately 200 trees. I go now to three farmers market Saturday I go to the farmers market in corona on main street at the sears outlet store is located. galleria mall on sunday off of tyler and 91 frwy in front of barnes & noble book store in the mall.

I am a certified farmer/grower since 2005. I have my trees leaves and dirt to a lab to tell me what fertilizer to put on my trees. I do not put any chemicals on the trees or weed killer in my grove and vegetable gardens.

you can call me to see what I hve ready .

Listing last updated on Mar 3, 2014

My main citrus that I grow are Sweet Limes. Also my vegetables are summer/winter squash, kabotoha, different type of radishes, and sweet corn.also at the end of april I will have fava beans and in june and july I grew elephant garlic and early calif garlic. I water with spring water on all the citrus and vegeatbles

Schedule and Location:

Wed. 3:30-630pm glen ivy ho9t springs spa, coarona, calif located in the parking lot of the spa off 15fsy tob trilogy follow signs.

Saturday 8:30am to 12:30 pm on main street in Corona at the Sears Outlet Store parkimng lot

Sun. 8:30-12:30pm at the galleria mall off of the 91 fwy and tyler ;st in front of barnes&noble book store

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Mike has the best sweet limes around, and not only knowledgeable about what he grows/raises, but he is such a great person. We got to tour his farm today, and my daughters had an amazing time.... [more]

Mike grows all his own fruit, raises the chickens himself and is very knowledgeable about all of his products. He allowed us to bring our kids for a field trip to his property and they had so much fun!... [more]

Mike really has fantastic products. He is where I get my eggs if I need extra or my girls are not laying. All of his products are really lovely, he has sweet limes nearly all year 'round, but be sure to try whatever seasonal fruit or veggies he has available - they are really great.... [more]

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