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3C Chickens (Cluck Cluck Chucks Chickens) raises pastured meat chickens on our small slice of heaven in Martinsville, Ohio. I can specialty raise specific breeds if requested, but currently have Cornish Heavies (which can be White, Red, or Barred Rock,) or Cornish Hybrids. Call for breed currently on range. We do not use any hormones, steroids or chemicals to raise our chickens. The chickens have lots of pasture to range on daily and are only kept in their chicken tractors at night for protection. The chickens are processed at a State licensed and inspected processor, and they can bag, vacum pack or leave as processed per your request (please note bagging and vacum processing are extra minimal charges per chicken.)

Listing last updated on Jul 19, 2011

Pastured Meat Chickens for sale @ $2.50 per lb add $.50 for bagging or $1.00 for vacum packing per chicken. The chickens are processed at a State Licensed and Inspected processor. Please call us at 954-547-7092 to reserve your chickens.

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Today factory farms are abusing animals to mass produce the "food" sold in the TOO big grocery stores, training America to just accept the toxins included IN these foods!? Would you rather buy from a neighbor? Or a FOR PROFIT ONLY corporation which sprays and injects what you put in the mouth of your loved ones WITH? Creator knows only what!? Ships this 100's even 1000's of miles and offers this at a HIGH PRICE TO PAY.... [more]

I purchased a dozen chickens from 3C just a couple of months ago and we just finished our last one. They were very tender and tasty and priced right -- MUCH better than what I could buy at the local supermarket.... [more]

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