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Our family operation utilizes natural grazing, moving animals from pasture to pasture to grow our grass-fed beef. Our angus-brangus Calves are sold at market weights, live. We are happy to walk you through the process of getting it from the ranch into the freezer, it's easy, affordable and worth it!! (you don't have to transport the animal!) We guarantee the taste of the meat is phenomenal and 100% hormone- and antibiotic- free. We do not utilize pesticides in our pastures, and minimally vaccinate our calves to reduce death loss from disease.

The ranch grows the hay that may be needed to supplement the cattle through the winter. Naturally cultivated and dryland farmed in southern california, no pesticides are used on the hay crops, which are natural meadow grasses or three-way mix of beardless barley, wheat, and rye. Some years we use oat or triticale, since the whole plant is digestible at the time of harvest, the feed is extremely well utilized by the animals. If you would like to purchase hay, you must call for availability and ranch access. We will help load the hay but if you buy more than 10 bales (100lbs each approx.) you should bring help and be prepared to tie and tarp your load.


Listing last updated on Nov 4, 2014

Natural Grass Fed, hormone-free Beef in Southern California, email for private sale only.

market weight calves may be sold by load or lot. please call with any inquiries about sales and leave message.

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