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The 6 Ranch was homesteaded by our great grandparents in 1893, and our family continues to dedicate ourselves to the health of our land, animals and wildlife that we share our place with. We raise Corriente Cattle which are a choice of beef for Ark of Taste, Slow Food USA. Corriente are a heritage breed that has evolved without human "management", so they are as close to natural as possible. Our calves receive their calfhood vaccinations, and that is the only time we interfere with their own ablity to be healthy. We time our calving in harmony with nature, the same as elk and deer - when the grass starts growing! We do not use any herbicides or fertilizers on our pastures, however spend long hours chopping the weeds by hand to maintain a healthy biodiversity of grasses for our cattle to graze. Our beef comes from mature animals, at least 2 years old and is tender and full of flavor. We control our product from our ranch directly to our customer to ensure the quality that they deserve. Check out our web site for more information at www.6ranch.com


Listing last updated on May 23, 2010

6 Ranch ~ Family Ranch Since 1884 Grass- Fed Corriente Beef ~ Low Fat, Low Cholesterol, Low Calorie and Great Flavor!

Schedule and Location:

Wallowa, Deschutes & Multnomah Counties, Oregon
Spokane, Washington

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I 'm a rancher in Wyoming, and i wish their was a place to take ower feeder corriente cattle that are ready for market. I think if the rest of the country would try corriente beef,they would prefer it over the same old fatty died meat at the market, there would be more places to take ower cattle that are ready for market ,and get a fair price for them.... [more]

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