7 Arrows Ranch

We are a family-run farm that raises non-certified organic, pastured poultry/turkeys and goats, custom-finished, milk-fed pork and free-range farm fresh eggs. Our animals graze on forage and all-natural feeds. They are free to roam, root and run as much as they'd like = happy animals make tasty meat. We apply Joel Salatin and mob grazing methods.

Our poultry are dressed at a small USDA processor using a kosher-style method and are air-chilled (not water bath) for cleaner packaging.

Our milk-fed, pastured pork is finished on apples, walnuts, and acorn in the fall. We use a local USDA family-owned locker for processing pork and goats.

We are 100% community supported; Everything we raise, build and grow is 100% from our family's efforts . . . we do not take any type of farm subsidy.

Feel free to contact us for a farm tour.

Listing last updated on Apr 25, 2013

Family run organic (non-cert.) farm All-natural feeds, no vax, no meds, no antibiotics Heritage Breeds & Free-range

PORK: Custom-finished, Milk-fed, Grass-fed/Timberlot POULTRY: Free-range pastured poultry/turkeys (Kosher-style/air chill processing) GOAT: On pasture by their mamas until ready for market EGGS: Free-range on pasture LAYERS: Pullets for your backyard urban coop upon request We apply rotational graze and Joel Salatin methods.

Happy animals make highly nutritious, tasty meat.

Schedule and Location:

Occassional vendor to area farmer's markets.

Schedule and Location:

On-farm customer pick up days - please call ahead.

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