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We are a Christian family farm located near the White Water Draw Nature Conservatory. We raise heritage breed Americana chickens. These are TRUE Americanas...not Aracaunas and not Easter Eggers. They free-range and eat all-natural feed and scraps from our table when they're not scratching around the pasture themselves. We do not feed our chickens rotten food. They lay beautiful blueish-green eggs.

We will soon have double-filtered raw goats milk from our registered, prize-winning Nubien goats. These ladies are part of the family and are fed only quality first and second cut Alfalfa and nutrient-rich goat grain. We do not vaccinate or medicate them, and we are a closed herd.

Occasionally, at the peak of the season, we may have some extra produce from our garden for sale. We grow our food organically and pestiside-free. We use only heirloom, non GMO seed.

We will also have grass-fed pork mid-year 2014

Listing last updated on Jan 24, 2014

Homesteading with God-Reliant hearts. We raise and grow our food organically, naturally, and gently. Our dairy goats are registered Nubiens, and our hens are heritage Americaunas. Our pork is from heritage breeds.

Schedule and Location:

Eggs available now. Milking season is almost here. Fresh, double filtered goats milk that does NOT taste "goaty".

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