8 O'clock Ranch Meat CSA

Want the freshest, healthiest meat on your table? It can be easy and affordable all while supporting your local farmer!

Our CSA - ( Community Supported Agriculture). How would you like your groceries to arrive at your door once a month? To be able to enjoy 100% grass fed lamb, beef and pork throughout the year.....and not have to remember to order it!

We offer a selection of shares with a variety of cuts, everything from 95% lean ground beef to Filet Mignon's and Frenched Rack of Lamb to Lamb Stew Meat, our wonderful Old Fashioned Bacon and over 11 different sausages, chops of all kinds and hearty and filling roasts! What about adding some organically raised, free range chicken eggs to the bacon already on your skillet? We plan to offer in limited amounts these wonderful eggs, raised by the industrious 9 year old son of our goats milk rancher . This is his own business and he has been doing this for the past two years!

Meet our Ranchers

John, Kassandra, Eathon and Cole Barton raise the Suffolk sheep and pastured pigs at their ranch in De Kalb Junction, NY

Dan & Chris Huntley raise Heritage Hereford/Belted Galloway beef cattle on their 400 acre ranch in Crary Mills NY. In there "spare" time they also have a beautiful farmhouse bed and breakfast you may visit near the Adirondacks.

Jesse & Krista Barton of Grasse River B Ranch in Madrid, NY are busy finishing their barn for dairy goats. There son, Jarrett is providing us with ( in limited amounts ) his free range chicken eggs. They are working on offering grass fed goats milk cheeses and more in the next year. Stay tuned to hear about what kinds of cheeses and other products they will offer!

To read more about each of the ranchers or to email them questions, feel free to visit www.8oclockranch.com

Full Shares: Are 20 pounds of meat a month and will include a selection of steaks, chops, roasts, ground, stew, sausage and cured meats. This should feed a family of three to four 12-15 times a month.

Half Shares: Are 10 pounds of meat a month and will include a selection of everything the full share would consist of. This should feed a family of two or three 12-15 times a month.

Economy Shares: In either size share you will receive more ground, stew and sausage and less steaks, chops or roasts.

Enjoy a season of pastured meats. It is the easiest way to ensure that you will receive the natural tasting, farm fresh meat delivered to your door every month! Free Shipping of all shares for the states of NY, PA, MA, RI, DE, CT, MD, VA, WV, NJ, OH and the District of Columbia. All other states call or e-mail to see if we can ship to you.


Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2010

Season:  January through January

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2002

# of Shares:  800

Full Share:  Full shares are 20 pounds of meat per month.Our 3 month full shares run from $369 to $525 depending upon which share is chosen. 6 and 12 month seasons are also available.

1/2 Share:  Half shares are 10lbs. of meat per month. Our 3 month half shares run from $195 to $275 depending upon which share is chosen. 6 and 12 month seasons are also available.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

We deliver once monthly to the local towns of Canton and Potsdam. You can call or go to our website to get on our e-mail newsletter list. Delivery is to your door in the villages!

Latest Reviews

We bought a share in this farm just this year, and have been absolutely pleased by the service, the packaging, the assortment - but especially the outstanding flavor! This is without a doubt some of the best meat we've ever eaten; you really can tell the difference between this and feedlot-raised animals from the supermarket. Recommend without reservation!

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