A Guide to Nature Observation

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A Guide to Nature Observation

A 24-page booklet featuring nine meditations that enhance your relationship with nature, and create calm and clarity.

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Nine easy ways to improve your relationship with nature. Chris Korrow shares nature based practices that awaken our senses, expand our understanding, inform our choices, give us a new vantage point so we can make life decisions in new and creative ways. Section include, "Slow Down," "Silence," "Walking," "Sound," "Color," "Touch," "Not Doing," and more....

From the Introduction: "So I understand how being more connected to nature can help reduce stress and bring me a little more peace, but what good is it to my everyday material life? There is something Iâ?™ve seen in each person who has an intimate relationship with nature, and it increases exponentially with the strength of their connection â?” they are more adaptable.

A person who is connected with nature can draw inspiration from both realms, natural and manmade. Iâ?™m not just talking about the availability of raw materials, but also an understanding of the way each system works.

In short, a person that is not connected to nature is only working with 50 percent of their potential. Itâ?™s kind of like trying to balance a budget, when all you know how to do mathematically is add."

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"It's wonderful! I was totally mesmerized by these amazing little creatures. If you knew me at all, you'd be shocked at my loving a bug film! - Kathy Dobkin, Channel 13, New York.

"Fantastic video! My girlfriend & I enjoyed it greatly. The shots are absolutely astonishing."

"Children are fascinated by 'Garden Insects.'" -Judith Egerton, columnist, Louisville Courier-Journal

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