A Thyme For Peace

We are a small family farm and bed & breakfast. We grow organically and our produce tends to be much higher flavor and quality than you'll find pretty much anywhere else.

Summers find us mostly in the garden or greenhouse. With a 72'x16' greenhouse full of tomatoes and peppers, 200' row feet of raspberries, 30 blueberry plants, 50'x70' garden plot full of raised beds, and 40 orchard trees, there is always plenty to do. The rest of our acreage is currently left wild, though we maintain the open meadows and thin the forest for fire safety reasons.

Since the bounty of our gardens overflows our ability to consume, we happily share via Farmer's Market and direct sales. In May we begin setting up at the Republic Friday Market. Stay tuned for schedules, or call us for more information.

Most of our B&B guests come during the summer and enjoy the fresh bounty of our gardens, along with floating the river, hiking, birdwatching, and other such summer outdoor activities. But winter is a great time to visit as well (provided you have 4-wheel drive!), and you'll be treated to home canned fruit and pumpkin, homemade jellies and jams, and whatever other yummy stuff we dream up. Bring your snowmobile and you'll find ample riding straight up our driveway and into the Colville National Forest. By the same token, snow shoeing and cross country skiing are right out the guest room door.

Working vacations are always welcomed, so if you'd like to receive your room and breakfast in exchange for working in our gardens or helping with our ongoing renovation projects, please email us right away. Internships are also a possibility, so again, if you're interested, please email. Agritourism is welcomed and encouraged here! The local area has one of the few places in the US where you can go and dig for fossils, Stonerose Fossil Dig in Republic, WA. Homeschoolers could spend a very productive week or two in this area, working at our farm, checking out the remnants of frontier days dotting the landscape, digging fossils, and visiting the local museums.

A Thyme For Peace has a lot to offer and is a wonderful place to work, rest, or just hang out. Come see us!


Listing last updated on Feb 18, 2013

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

Full Share:  negotiable

1/2 Share:  

Work Req?  Yes: 40

Schedule and Location:

Curlew, WA Friday morning
Republic, WA Friday afternoon

Schedule and Location:

82 Aeneas Creek Rd, Malo
Sunday - Friday (no Saturday sales) by appointment only

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