CSA:  A Way of Life Farm

Operates: April-July

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Jamie and Sara Jane Davis
(828) 287-1253

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A Way of Life Farm CSA- provides you with fresh, organically-grown vegetables (and now an additional pork option!) throughout the year.  Each week of the CSA season, we bring a pre-packed bag of a variety of produce straight from the farm to you for quick, convenient pick-up in downtown Asheville or right from the farm.  We also include recipes, suggested storage and uses of the veggies and/or pork so you can discover new favorite foods.  Your membership fee offers you a value of up to 25 weeks of local food that equals or exceeds your investment.  The share typically feeds two adults, but varies depending on your cooking habits. For more information and to sign up online, go to www.awayoflifefarm.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

NEW! Pork Shares from our forage and organic, soy-free fed pigs! A great way to always have pork on hand without needing a lot of freezer space. Add onto your veggie share or sign up for pork only. Click here to learn more about how our pork is raised.

Pork Sausage Share: Get 15 packages of sausage throughout the Spring/Summer season (delivery of 4 packs each month). Receive our suggested variety pack each month or customize your own from our many options- Mild and Hot Breakfast Sausage, Chorizo, Ground Pork, Italian Sausage, and Bratwurst. Our sausage is not cured and never contains nitrates. $120

Pork Sampler Share: Get a variety of pork cuts each month during the Spring/Summer season (click here to get an idea of our available options) along with recipes and tips on using more of the pig than just bacon and sausage (though you’ll get some of those, too!). $200

Each weekly share includes recipes, use and storage tips, and news from the farm.

CSA Details

Season:  April through July

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  $325/15 weeks of Spring/Summer Season; $225/10 weeks of Fall Season; OR $500 for both- $50 off!!

Work Req?  No

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Pick Up / Drop Off Points

A Way of Life Farm  (Tue)
pick-up anytime on Tuesday

Contact: Sara Jane Davis
Phone: 828-287-1253
856 Brooks Rd.
Bostic, NC 28018

downtown Asheville  (Tue)
Members pick up their shares each week in downtown Asheville

Contact: Jamie and Sara Jane Davis
Phone: 828-287-1253