Abbie Lane Farm

Abbie Lane Farm is located in the Rogue Valley of Oregon, 1/2 mile from the beautiful Rogue River. We are a small certified organic, family farm. We chose to become certified organic as we want our customers to be guaranteed a product free from nitrates,herbicides and pecticidal residues. Our soil has been checked by an independent lab and was found to behappy and healthy. Our main focus is the "unusual". At any point and time you will find our farmers market farm booth selling, ground cherries, jujubes, antique apples, heirloom vegetables, bitter melon, kaffir lime leaves, etc... During the spring we offer a large variety of unique tomato and veggie plants and fruiting trees and vines. Lastly we offer a good number of citrus varieties suitable for container growing. Thank you for supporting certified organic family farms!!

Listing last updated on Mar 10, 2013

Schedule and Location:

Ashland Armory on East Main: Tuesdays from 08:30-13:30

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I agree with Leslie!! These people are my favorites! I look forward to visiting their stand every week. Always a new wonderful surprise. If you're looking for something unusual and more importantly delicious I urge you to visit this farm at the Ashland farmers market on Tuesdays. You'll more than likely see me there!

For the past three years I have bought my tomato, pepper and eggplant starts from Abbie Lane Farm. They always have an incredible variety of heirloom varieties and are extremely knowledgeable about each of them.... [more]

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