Greetings: We are a self-employed family living in beautiful Holmes County on the side of a hill on 18 acres. My husband, Joe, is Handyman Joe's Remodeling. I, Mary, began raising non-certified organic produce to sell at a local farmers market when my youngest child was just out of diapers. It was a challenge to take 4 toddlers to the farmers market when I was just beginning; but my customers were patient and the children learned their math and got to practice being polite and helpful (between bickering amongst themselves) and we somehow managed to make a few dollars. I enjoyed working at home outdoors as I home educated our children. Because I didn't have the equipment or help most large farms had I began small and have continued to stay small so I can have a prayer of staying on top of all the garden work as well as the household. Most of our animal chores are done by the children. We have 4 dogs, 2 horses, about 7 goats, chickens for eggs, and raise broilers for home use and turkeys for 4-H projects and to sell after fair time in August. I start most of my garden transplants in my basement continually through the growing season, yet I am a houseplant killer. I like to start planting cool season crops in March outdoors or in my unheated hoop house. I grow many heirloom varieties of tomatoes and open pollinated varieties of many other vegetables. Saving seed helps me save money on winter seed orders for the next year as well as keeping alive many varieties that could be lost down the road to hybrids and super hybrids. I will not grow or support GMO seeds or companies that promote these types of seeds. Because of that I no longer grow Cool Breeze cucumbers, Celebrity tomato or Sweetness II carrots since Monsanto company bought out Seminis seeds. My belief is that good soil grows good crops. With that in mind we have been building soils with manures, green manures, leaves, weeds, straw and other organic inputs. I don't use commercial fertilizers but do use natural rock powders such as soft rock phosphate and greensand. I also use liquid fish or kelp fertilizers to give plants a boost. The bt sprays are used for worms on cole crops and tomatoes, row covers are used to keep out pests and to keep a warm environment in the spring or fall, and some black plastic and ground covers are used for long term plants like tomatoes and peppers to keep down weeds. I like to use the permeable plastics so I can reuse them for many years. I grow a variety of vegetables, but not sweet corn since my space is small and corn takes a lot of space in a garden. I do a lot of lettuce and greens, squashes, broccoli, smaller cabbages, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, potatoes, fingerlings, onions, leeks, lots of garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, and some grapes and small fruits like red and black raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries. Some of the fruits wind up in the homemade jams and jellies I also sell. Homemade lye soaps are another enjoyable project I work on in the winter months. Lye soaps are so mild on the skin and the unscented ones can be used to soften skin on even the most problem skins. Each soap recipe comes out a little differently. The goat milk soaps actually turn a bright burnt orange color when the lye initially reacts with the milk then over the curing time generally turns to a creamy white that people mistake for cheeses. I tell people that making soap is like being pregnant, you can just see the results faster.


Listing last updated on Feb 11, 2008

We sell a variety of naturally grown vegetables and fruits as well as brown eggs, jams and jellies made from unsprayed fruits from our farm, and homemade lye soaps. We generally have a few 4-H turkeys to sell after our fair. They are processed in early September and must be frozen for your holiday seasons if not being eaten right away. We try to build soil full of life to grow plants that will feed your body.

Season:  May through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

Full Share:  $400 or $200

1/2 Share:  $200 for 10 weeks

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Downtown Wooster Farmers Market
located on the square in downtown Wooster, OH
Saturday mornings 8:00-12:00
June through October
This is a producers only market-no buying in of procuce-all locally grown

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Mary and Joe are among my favorite farmers at the Wooster Farmers' Market because they greet everyone with a smile and make you feel like family. They carry a wide selection of produce every year and are willing to fill requests when possible.... [more]

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