Adrenal Stimulating Tea

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Adrenal Stimulating Tea

A blend of herbs to help support and stimulate adrenal functions.

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The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys, they are an integral part of the endocrine system and are responsible for producing several important hormones critical to the stress response. They have two parts: cortex & medulla. The cortex produces cortisol which is a powerful anti-inflammatory hormone, it controls inflammation. The level of Cortisol in the body affects allergies, wound healing, asthma, arthritis, and lupus, just to name a few. The medulla pours out epinephrine (adrenaline) & norepinephrine. These hormones speed up the body's metabolism in order to help us to cope with stress.

When adrenal function is impaired or weak, a person may suffer from low blood sugar, low blood pressure, low body temperature, & exhaustion.Some of the common causes that contribute to adrenal exhaustion are stress, poor diet, over-consumption of sugar & refined carbohydrates, overuse of caffeine, alcohol, drugs, nicotine, & vitamin B & C deficiencies.

Some symptoms of stressed adrenals: Fatigue, Weakness, Depression, Frustration, PMS, Nervousness, Scanty perspiration, Inability to concentrate, Headaches, Lightheadedness, Sweet cravings & allergies

Blend should not be used by those taking high blood pressure medications, children, pregnant or nursing women.

Herbs in blend - Licorice Root, Borage, Hawthorne Berry, Gotu Kola, Astragulus, Milk Thistle & Siberian Ginseng

Tincture is an organic vegetable glycerin menstruum

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