Adult Cream-Colored Mohair Roving

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Adult Cream-Colored Mohair Roving

Our female Angora goats have produced a creamy white fiber with an attractive sheen. You will love the feel of yarn spun from it.

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We share with you words from Susan Black Drummond's book "Angora Goats the Northern Way."

"The word mohair is derived from an Arabic word meaning 'choice' or 'select'. Mohair is a strong, lustrous fiber, the use of which results in beautiful yarn and cloth. It is stronger and warmer than wool and is not subject to shrinking or wrinkling."

She adds, "Roving can have varying amounts of mohair in it, but the higher the percentage of mohair in it, the greater the strength and luster of the yarn. Roving is very easy to spin and can be found in a rainbow of colors made by blending undyed mohair with natural colored wool or dyed wool."

Regarding the blending of fiber, she writes, "Mohair can be blended with other fibers to take advantage of the best qualities of each. Wool and mohair blends have luster and strength from mohair (depending on the amount of mohair in the blend), and fullness and body from wool."

Rovings from Rancho Descansamos are natural colored, undyed, and unblended, so that you can decide how to use them in your project. We hope that you enjoy your work with our fiber as much as we are enjoying raising the animals.

Rancho Descansamos was started in 2004 in Wells, Vermont. We are a three-generational family, some of whom are from Mexico. We raise a variety of goats, including pygmys, angoras, and several adoptees who are living out their natural lives with us as pets. We have other barnyard animals as well.

We raise the angora goats for their fiber and sell it as rovings, as well as processing the fleeces from a neighbor's Romney sheep. All of the animals enjoy the lush summers in Vermont where they are able to graze in the pastures of our farm. We grow our own hay and supplement with alfalfa and grain in the winter.

If you would be interested in the raw fiber of any of our animals, contact us in early March or early September.

We dedicate our store to the memory of our beloved Toby, a Border Leister/Romanoff sheep who died in 2006.