Ahualoa Tea & Egg Farm

We sell hand-grown gourmet tea and grass-fed, free-range eggs in the neighborhood of Ahualoa, Hawai'i. Our tea is grown with beyond-organic methods, in a perfect misty climate at high elevation and careful hand-processing for a complex, smooth tea. Our heritage dual-purpose breeds include: buff Orpington, barred Plymouth Rock, Australorp, and black hybrid cross (barred Rock hen X Rhode Island Red rooster). Most of our hens are cuddly and all hens lay nutritious brown eggs. Directions to our farm http://washedashore.com/eggsntea/?page_id=102 Please call before your visit.

Listing last updated on Nov 27, 2009

Schedule and Location:

Come to our farm and get eggs still warm from the hens, or tour our tea field and taste a cup of our tea. Please call before you visit.

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