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All of our sheep are born and raised here, not rejects brought in from the auctions up North. They are Katahdins - a hardy meat (bred for taste, not wool!) breed developed in the US and very well adapted to Florida climate. Because of that we can raise them virtually without medications or chemical de-wormers Also, we use chickens to clean up pasture after the sheep and that reduces need for de-wormers even more.

Our sheep eat only grass. We don't use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our pastures. We're an Animal Welfare Approved farm. "No Weird Stuff" is our motto.

Lambs are sold by live weight ($3/lb; can be higher for valuable breeding animals). If you want it butchered and wrapped we can take a lamb to a butcher for you (butcher's fees and delivery fee extra). We use only local Animal Welfare Approved butchers.

We sell lambs when they're about 1 year old and weight between 80 and 125 lbs - we believe that's when combination of meat quality and meat to bones ratio is the best. They dress at about 50%, which means that you will get about 50 lbs of meat, bones and organs out of a 100 lb. lamb.

We almost never have cuts (like a leg, rack, ground meat, etc.) for sale but even when we do with cuts you're not getting as much for each dollar you paid - buying a whole animal is much better value.

Farm visits are available for customers who reserved their lambs and paid a deposit, so you can see what your lamb eats and how it lives. Alternatively, you can purchase a private tour ($40, up to 4 people). If after the tour you decide to buy a lamb, your payment will go toward your purchase, so the tour is free.

The best way to contact us is E-MAIL. If you do chose to call, please live a message - we're hardly ever inside.


Listing last updated on Sep 8, 2014

UPDATE - Sep 2014 - We are all SOLD OUT at the moment, sorry! Next butchering date for which you can reserve is Fall 2015.

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We've been buying our lamb from this farm for two years now, and are very satisfied.

This farm has honestly pasture raised sheep. Healthy and chemical free.

Very delicious meat. Every single person we served this lamb to, even those who didn't think they liked lamb, have raved about this meat. We're probably used to lamb all the way from New Zealand - maybe that's whence lamb's gamey reputation came.... [more]

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