Alfalfa Leaf for Tea

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Alfalfa Leaf for Tea

Morgan Botanicals alfalfa leaf is grown organically without the use of pesticides.

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Alfalfa Leaf (Medicago sativa)

Alfalfa is one of the best natural sources of vitamin K. This nutrient helps blood to clot by moving calcium into proteins that form a microscopic net to capture red blood cells. Vitamin K likewise helps bones to knit by working with vitamin D and glutamic acid to activate osteocalcin. The combination of these three nutrients is essential to building good bone.

Alfalfa not only helps keep calcium in bones, it helps keep calcium out of the linings of arteries. White blood cells known as macrophages feed on cholesterol, and they make a surveillance run throughout the bloodstream to keep the arteries open.

I recommend alfalfa tea for everyone, including pregnant women, children and teenagers, and the elderly. Alfalfa is good for breastfeeding, postpartum bleeding, fetal iron storage, anemia, bone strength,ect.

Alfalfa is our main source of chlorophyll.

Morgan Botanicals herbs and herbal products are hand crafted using only 100% pure botanicals and fresh ingredients. What herbs I don't grow or ethically wildgather, I buy or trade from only reputable organic growers. The Morgan Family owns and operates a three acre apple orchard along with fresh produce and herbs in Tehachapi. I sell locally to businesses, midwives, and have a booth at the local Farmers' Market.

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Morgan Botanicals is dedicated to exceptional herbal products and service.