Alfalfa leaf and Tea

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Alfalfa leaf   and   Tea

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The alfalfa plant is naturally high in A, B,D, E, K, vitamins and is loaded with important minerals such as biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and potassium which is super high in protein, especially when dried.

Regular consumption of alfalfa will detoxify , purifying the blood, regulates blood pressure and balances hormones, and flushes the bowels of built up toxins.

The alfalfa plant has beneficial healing properties against bad breath, sore or achy joints, imbalanced skin conditions, and it even increases immune system functionality. When consumed regularly, it acts as an alternative to over the counter pain medicines for headaches or migraines because of its high calcium and magnesium levels.

Because the alfalfa by itself can taste rather bland, I sell a mixture of peppermint and alfalfa as well as just alfalfa. Both available in convenient tea bags

I also drank alfalfa tea (just the alfalfa, not with the mint) both during and after my pregnancies and I really think that it helped me to stay healthy and also helped the babies while they were developing.

Buy dirt cheap priced herbs, you will get lousy low quality herbs.

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For the most part unless mentioned otherwise, each tea bag will make 3 to 4 cups of tea; If loose herb tea,two ounces will make about 23 cups of tea . One ounce of just an herb is about a sandwich bag, and sometimes a little more. If it is a root herb such as burdock root it is heavier, thus an ounce would be about a quarter of a sandwich bag. Comfrey, plantain and nettle leaves would be in a quart size bag.

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