All Natural Herbal Smoking Blend

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All Natural Herbal Smoking Blend

An herbal smoke that is non toxic and uses all natural, safe herbs! A unique blend & flavor!

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This herbal smoke is based on an old formula that people years ago used to make their smokes.

The herbs in this blend help relieve stress by calming irritated nerves and counteracting nervousness, depression and headaches. Many are good for the lungs and respiratory and act as a general tonic, even promoting healing of the lungs. Herbs in this blend are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, expectorant, nervine, sedative, anti depressant and calmative.

This is a wonderful non toxic, all natural, herbal blend for people who are trying to quit smoking and just want something natural and non-toxic to smoke! 1 oz. is enough to make approximately 20-30 cigarettes or enough for 10 to 12 average size bowls for pipe smoking.

herbs included in this blend: Lavender, rosemary, mullein, lemon balm , marshmallow root, hyssop, sage , thyme, catnip, chamomile and roses

Menthol has spearmint and peppermint added to the above formula

This is a very fragrant blend!

All herbs used in this formula are grown organically without the use of pesticides, herbicides, etc

Buy dirt cheap priced herbs, you will get lousy low quality herbs.

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For the most part unless mentioned otherwise, each tea bag will make 3 to 4 cups of tea; one ounce of just an herb is about a sandwich bag, and sometimes a little more. If an ounce of herb tea it would be about 1/2 a sandwich bag. If it is a root herb such as burdock root it is heavier, thus an ounce would be about a quarter of a sandwich bag. Comfrey, plantain and nettle leaves would be in a quart size bag.

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