All Natural Raw Beef Blend

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All Natural Raw Beef Blend

10 lbs. raw beef blend. This blend consists of 80% Ground Beef, 10% Liver, 5% Hearts, 5% Tongue.

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The ground beef blend is designed for optimum health. Dogs and cats need a natural, enzyme-rich diet. But what no one in the manufacturing sector is talking about is this: cooking destroys enzymes. The beef blend contains an exact percentage of ground beef and offal, essential for a healthy diet.

American Dog Treats is a family owned and operated cattle operation located in the rolling hills of the southern ozarks, near Doniphan, MO. Our 4000 acre farm produces grass fed beef. As a veterinarian, rancher and owner of a small USDA meat processing facility, I personally oversee the creation of our dog treats and raw pet foods. You are ensured unsurpassed levels of quality and the best possible product for you and your pets.

Our raw dog and cat food contains no preservatives and is prepared in a USDA facility to human standards. Natural gourmet pet foods and treats have NO growth hormones, NO steroids and NO antibiotics. You'll find NO harmful artificial ingredients, NO salt, NO chemical dyes, NO preservatives, NO fillers, NO rancid fats, and NO nitrates that could undermine your dog's health and vitality.\\r\\nThe smoked treats are hickory smoked to human standards. Smoked in an old fashioned smokehouse for a minimum of 4 hours using human standards the way our ancestors prepared jerky. The only difference in these smoked treats and human smoked treats is the lack of seasonings.

The raw steak cubes, ground beef, bones, bully sticks, & patties require refrigerated shipping. Smoked treats can be shipped without ice.