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We are a distribution hub for local growers practicing sustainable farming. We are looking for growers to join our team. Together we can celebrate your harvests by bringing it to local dining room tables, whether public or private. The quicker the trip from farm to table; the fresher, more delicious the meal.

It is beneficial to all involved, when the farmer can dedicate his time and energy to his talent, which is growing his crops. Our agreement with our growers promises to purchase their quality harvests at a fair market value. Knowing that his harvests will reach the local consumer quickly and through a variety of channels leave him free-of-worry from selling headaches, transport-hassles, multiple-middleman costs that only bring down the dollar amount to a fraction of what he really deserves. At the same time, we can make quality fresh produce choices more available and affordable for families. We provide wholesale not only to local businesses here in Tucson, but also to the public.

We take fresh produce to several local farmers markets, reaching more consumers interested in local fruits and vegetables. Every week one can find us at these markets:

  • Broadway Village in Tucson, located at Broadway and Country Club, Fridays.
  • St. Phillips Plaza in Tucson, located at Campbell and River, Saturdays.
  • La Posada (exit Continental off 19) in Green Valley, Mondays.
  • Our newest location is our new market at the warehouse where we are actually offering FREE SET UP for LOCAL Vendors!!! Call Kristi 520-403-1438 or Scott 520-820-4854 for more info.

    Our vision is to create a new farm to market dynamic. We are about agriculture, local and sustainable.

    Allen's Organics, Inc is fully licensed and operating as a distribution hub for growers within a 500 mile radius. We are currently contracting growers for the upcoming crops. We have established markets with major retailers who are fully supportive of the local, sustainable farm to market plan. We have also established markets with baby food companies who will purchase crops for processing. Retail along with processing will give the farmer less crop loss and more capital for growth.

    We believe a local distribution hub will create a stronger local economy; grow locally, buy locally, and our resources stay local. We believe this is a business model that will be duplicated in other states as it proves sustainable.


    Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2011

    We currently have an abundant supply of sweet juicy strawberries, organic cherries, peaches, plums & nectarines. We carry Arizona citrus, local squash, tomatoes & melons, broccolini, living lettuces, eggplant, local spring onions, pepper varieties, beets, cilantro and potatoes & more.

    Open 7 am to 3 pm Mon thru Fri and 10 am to 2 pm on Sat. Call or come by for a visit. Price lists available & 24/7 message system for after-hours ordering with pick up/delivery appointments possible when needed.

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