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At present we provide Vermicomposting supplies and services for personal to medium sized operations. We offer all natureal Worm Tea derived from all naturaly occuring bi-product of our vermicomposting activities. This Worm Tea is a great liquid fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor plant fertilizing needs. We also provide individual quantities of Worm casting for direct fertilizing.

Our castings are so benificial and non toxic that you can mix it in with yor potting soil or use it straight as planting medium and it will not burn or harm your plants.

The same folks that sell you the best priced and freshest composting worms and bait worms year round.

We pride ourselves on our 100% satisfaction Rating and our friendly, professional customer service!

Using Organic Worm Castings is a very effective, earth and human friendly natural product for use in potting blends, windowsill plants, seedlings, transplants and green houses.

Using our composted worm manure, you can have 6 foot Tomato plants too!

Your vegetable garden can triple production!

It is a great fertilizer for annuals, perennials, organic vegetables and flower gardens and our Roses LOVE IT! Unlike sterilized potting soil the, Worm Castings (manure) release nutrients that enhance plant growth and improve disease resistance. Our Worm Castings are freshly harvested and carefully hand packed to assure you quality that you can expect from us.

Contact us for pick up or shipping throughout the United States at reasonable rates!


Listing last updated on Feb 18, 2007

1lb Bag of Worm Castings for plant fertilizing. 3.00 3lb Bag of Worm Castings for plant fertilizing 8.00 10lb Bag of Worm Castings for plant fertilizing 15.00

Purchase worms by the pound. We can supply your vermicomposting worms.Call us for pricing details.

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