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Botanically speaking, almonds are related to cherries, plums and peaches. One of their common traits is producing the most fantastic blooms every spring. Experts agree the first almond varieties originated in China or Central Asia and travelers down the silk road introduced them to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, where they were enthusiastically adopted.

Throughout history almonds seem to have always been associated with good luck: from Roman times down to present day celebrations, almond are given at weddings as a symbol of fertility and happiness. It is claimed that Marzipan, which is a paste made ground of almonds and sugar, was invented in the Middle East to be eaten after the fasting of Ramadan. Others claim it was during a famine in Spain, when the nuns of a rich community in Toledo ground up the vast amounts of almonds they had stored away to feed the needy. In the 1700's Franciscan monks planted the first almond orchards in California where they thrived in the drier areas.

Almonds are the nuts most used in Middle Eastern and Chinese cuisines, toasted, whole or slivered over fish, chicken, vegetables and rice dishes as well as in confections and pastries from all over the world.

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