We offer farm fresh eggs at a reasonable price (on farm sales only). Our layers are all heritage breeds. Our egg cartons are filled with a gorgeous variety of colours, even dark russet brown and olive green! Upon request, we can even provide a modest number of duck eggs. From time to time, we offer quality livestock for sale. Including, Black Copper Marans, Easter Eggers, Blue Andalusians and our own Olive Eggers. In the spring, we offer turkey poults, ducklings, guinea keets and even a few LaMancha and Nigerian goats from show winning bloodlines. Next year we're hoping to add seasonal veggies to our offerings.

Listing last updated on Sep 17, 2009

Almost Urban Acres is located in Carrollton, GA near HWY 27. We currently offer farm fresh chicken eggs from heritage hens. On farm sales only, please. Feel free to call for more information, or to set up a pickup. Seasonally, we offer heritage chicks, poults, keets, ducklings and goat kids.

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