CSA:  Alpaca Angel Acres

Operates: year round

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Laurie Kennon
(719) 478-2126

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An Alpaca Fiber Share is two pounds of blended or 100% alpaca roving. Half shares are one pound blended or 100% alpaca roving. Full shares will be distributed in June after processing, or we can split the distribution and send one pound in June and the second pound six months later (December).

Our alpaca roving is washed, picked, carded and combed at our favorite mill. Roving blends consist of: 90/10, 85/15, 80/20 Alpaca/Merino or Alpaca/Silk. Or you may choose a blend of your choice.

Colors available: White, Fawn, Gray, Brown (Bay Black). Color variation may be evident as all roving is completely natural and undyed. Do you prefer to work with raw fleece right off the alpaca? Receive the full crop of "Raw Fleece" at shearing! This includes the blanket, neck fiber and legs. This fiber will be completely raw with no processing at all by us! Our Fiber Share and Raw Fleece alpaca participants are: Bolero, Jupiter, Pancho, El Humo, Hubble, Gabriel, Zeus, El Cervato, Milky Way and Butterscotch.

CSA Details

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Full Share:  Full Share $120/2 Lbs. Roving

1/2 Share:  Half Share $60/1 Lb Roving

Work Req?  No

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Alpaca Angel Acres

Contact: Laurie Kennon
Phone: 719 478-2126
20033 County Road 2
Rush, CO 80833