Alpaca Blend Yarn

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Alpaca Blend Yarn

Maverick (the Alpaca) has donated his fleece for this delightful, and gorgeous 2-ply yarn.

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I have 14 skeins of this wonderful yarn. It is 70% Alpaca and 30% Merino wool. This yarn is from my boy Maverick (alpaca). It is a rich warm brown, in a 2 ply, 200 yard skein. It is a sports weight yarn and with the addition of the merino wool it is wonderful for sweaters, shawls, hats, scarves etc. This is a yarn that I have created at my fiber mill here in Lebanon, Or. Please be sure to purchase enough for your special project. It is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.

Alpaca fiber contains no lanolin and can be wash without harsh chemicals. The addition of wools, silks, etc. helps in the "memory" of the yarns. Alpaca fiber is wonderfully warm, soft and durable.

Our boys are happy to keep you warm in their blankets.