Alpaca Meat - Ground

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Alpaca Meat - Ground

Local delivery or pickup only. Call for processing options. Additional charges for processing.

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Ground alpaca - ideal replacement for any ground beef or turkey. Small 2 lb packages of ground available for local delivery or pickup.

Alpaca meat has some very interesting characteristics. The meat is very lean and our testing has shown it to be extremely low in cholesterol. Alpaca is also very high in protein and low in fat and is often compared to lean pork with a slightly sweeter taste. Due to the leanness of the meat it is very important to cook alpaca cuts over high heat and not past medium rare.

Alpacas slated for meat production are kept in quarantine for 30-90 days before custom dispatching from our ranch to local processing plants that are State inspected, all done with consideration for maximum humane animal treatment. Although alpaca is not on the list yet as either amenable for free inspection or non-amenable for voluntary paid inspection, we use inspected facilities for best practices. Our quarantine time frame is in place to insure that selected animals have no medicines in their system. They are strictly grass hay fed, plus minerals, and let out to pasture for rotational grazing, with no grains, hormones, antibiotics, growth enhancers or chemical fertilizers and sprays, in order to insure the best quality possible. Responsible stewardship is our goal, producing strong healthy livestock for exceptional gourmet cuisine. See our website for recipes.

Whole, half and/or cut meat prices do NOT include processing fees incurred at the butcher. All meat is delivered frozen.The only exclusions are jerky, eggs and non-meat. A $100 non-refundable deposit required to hold your order & an estimated live weight will be given at that time. Half order deposit is $50.

We will notify you when your animal is ready to be taken to the butcher and give you an exact weight at that time and notify you of the balance. You will need to contact the butcher to determine how you would like your animal processed. We recommend dry aging the meat up to 15 days for a more tender and flavorful product. After your meat has been cut, packaged and frozen the butcher will call you directly to have you pick up and pay for their services. Visit our website for recipes.

All our products are 100% Arizona Grown and USA made. We partner with Arizona Fiber Mill, Prescott Valley, AZ.