Alpaca Yarn - Medium Rose Grey

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Alpaca Yarn - Medium Rose Grey

100% Prime alpaca yarn. 1 skein is 100 yards and approx 3.5 ozs. worsted weight.

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This yarn is a blend of fawn, brown and white fleeces. It creates a heathered grey yarn. The softness and handle is amazing.

Our yarn is 100% prime fiber from the 'blanket' area of the alpaca. Because we raise show quality animals, you can be sure of the high quality, brightness and fine handle.

Alpacas at Legacy Ranch has yarn created from our own woolly pasture raised alpaca. We shear our animals in May and June and sort the fleeces before sending them to a mini mill in Oregon. Only prime blanket fleece makes it into our yarn. Our customers routinely tell us it is softer than other alpaca yarn they have purchased. We only offer natural colors. No dyes are used. Our yarn processor, also a small farmer in Oregon has a fine reputation for consistent yarn, to make your crafting a relaxing pleasure.

Alpaca yarn education- Alpaca is a hollow core fiber making it many times warmer than sheep wool. This means you can get away with a lighter garment and still get excellent warmth. Alpaca has a long staple length - typically 4-8". Short staple is what causes 'pilling' in garments. Alpaca fiber grows in a circular path and has a flat scale. Alpacas do not produce lanolin. Thus there is no skin irritation.

Lighter garments, no pilling, no itch and it's as 'green' as it gets environmentally. Alpaca is a smart choice!

Please note due to the 'green' nature, there may be small inclusions of vegetative matter in the yarn.

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Treat yourself royally! Alpaca fleece was once reserved for Incan nobility.