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Alpenglow Farm & Kennels is home to one of the largest sheep flocks in the state of Alaska. Sheep breeds include Shetland, Finn, Kathadin, and Dorper. Sheep are produced for lamb, mutton, and wool. Quality fleeces are available for handspinning. Sheepskin and horns are also available. Heritage breeds of chickens, turkeys and ducks are also present on the farm.

Noxious weed-free certified hay is produced on approximately 150 acres. The farm implements IPM strategies using the sheep as biological weed control and doing minimal pesticide applications. The sheep are pastured during the summer and have a large outdoor paddock as well as free access to a barn during the winter. Predators (and there are a lot of them!) are controlled by livestock guardian dogs, namely Koyuk, an Estrela Mountain Dog.

We also raise quality working bred Border Collies. We offer herding demonstrations and lessons by appointment. We also offer extended herding and obedience training for your dog.

Working Farm Stays and internships include working with the livestock and learning to work the dogs. Stay with us or at one of the area's wonderful B&Bs.


Listing last updated on Dec 21, 2011

Farming Under the Midnight Sun in the Shadow of the Alaska Range! Learn to work sheep with Border Collies and to care for poultry during a Farm Stay or Internship. Sheep Camp for you dog - 2 weeks or longer of daily sheepherding while you vacation in Alaska. Quality lamb, mutton, and wool. We can meet your religious needs.

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