Alpine Dairy Cheesemaking Classes of St. Louis, MO Cheese Making Classes with Merryl Winstein

St. Louis, Missouri
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Alpine Dairy Cheesemaking Classes of St. Louis, MO Cheese Making Classes with Merryl Winstein

ALL DAY CHEESEMAKING CLASSES with Merryl Winstein, Cheese Maker St. Louis, Missouri, USA 63144

Have fun learning a full array of accurate traditional and professional cheese making techniques, for goat and cow milk, and go home ready to make all your favorites. You will receive a complete direction packet and can call me later with questions. I have raised dairy goats, goat milk, and eggs in Webster Groves, MO since 1993 and I have been making cheese most of that time too.

Get your hands into cheese making, using all your senses to observe the changing textures and aromas which go along with the scientific explanations. You'll learn the different "clean breaks" for different kinds of cheese, find out why correct milk cooling entirely affects the flavor and success of your cheese, see the correct curd texture at draining, and understand how to monitor and control acidity and pH, moisture, temperature, and salt, in order to create consistently delicious cheeses.

Take home knowledge, confidence, and complete direction packet for making all your favorites.

Whether you are new to cheesemaking or want to improve your current skills, in my classes you will get your questions answered!

Weekend classes, choose one day or both. Classes fill quickly, so sign up now at

Upcoming Cheese making Classes: MARCH 22-22 MARCH 28 (Saturday only,at Lincoln Log State Historic Site, halfway between St. Louis MO and Indianapolis, IN) MAY 16-17 Classes fill quickly; sign up now.

SATURDAYS Basic hard-pressed cheese (French Tomme, mild, flavorful, exactly like those I ate in Paris). Traditional cloth-bound cheddar (like Cabot cloth-bound cheddar) Camembert/Brie Chevre/Fromage Blanc Yogurt Sour Cream Hand-ladled Ricotta

SUNDAYS Blue Cheese Feta Traditional Mozzarella (not the quickie citric acid type) Chevre/Fromage Blanc Yogurt Sour Cream Hand-ladled Ricotta

TIME: 9am-5pm PRICE: PRICE: SPECIAL $25 OFF PER DAY, SIGN UP BY SUN. NOV 29, SALE PRICE $160 PER DAY (Regularly $185 one day, one person, or save $10, sign up for both days for $360) LOCATION: suburban St. Louis, Missouri USA, near Highway 40 at Brentwood Blvd 63144 (Near Galleria or Whole Foods Brentwood). Exact address sent to participants.

SIGN UP ONLINE at or phone 314-968-2596.



IS CHEESEMAKING HARD? IS MAKING PRESSED CHEESES HARDER THAN MAKING SOFT CHEESES? Cheese Making is easy. Ordinary people like you have made very delicious nutritious and life-sustaining cheese for at least the past 10,000 years and you can too. Some cheeses have more steps or take more time than others, but all types are equally easy to make if you work carefully. Pressed cheese is not "harder" to make than soft fresh cheeses, and we make both kinds in every class.

In my opinion, what makes cheese-making difficult are two factors:

1. Wrong directions. 2. Wrong milk

No matter how hard you try and how careful you are, if your directions and methods are wrong, your cheese won't be good. Many - I would say most - printed and internet directions contain mistakes, sometimes major mistakes. Only a couple of sites contain accurate directions.

Also, nearly all books and "cheesemaking kits" say you can use pasteurized milk from the store so long as it is "low temp pasteurized." That's a myth. You may try your supermarket brand and see if it will work; occasionally you will find one which works and then you are in luck. Fresh milk, that is raw milk, works best for cheesemaking. I do not know of any pasteurized brand carried in St. Louis stores which works properly for making outstanding artisan cheese, and I think I have tried all of them.

I get so many phone calls from frustrated would-be cheesemakers who cannot get the kits to work, because the store milk WON'T WORK for cheese making. It's NOT a matter of following the directions more closely, and it is NOT a matter of more trial and error.

Most people who call me have followed the (wrong) directions very very carefully.

What are the signs that the milk isn't working right? Why won't the supermarket milk work for cheese? This is explained in detail on my website: so please take a look there and sign up for a class.

CHEESE MAKING CLASSES, St. Louis, MO, with Merryl Winstein, cheesemaker. Schedule, PRICES & SIGN UP ONLINE at

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This is my household, so of course, NO DROP IN VISITORS.

CHEESE MAKING SUPPLIES always for sale here. Phone AND email, to get hold of me, once confirmed you can pick up your supplies immediately:

First of all, my own cheesemaking direction book, $10. Buy it and get a discount of $10 when you sign up for the class.

DUTCH LEVER WOODEN CHEESE PRESS, $115, beautifully hand crafted by me, right here in Missouri. My cheese presses work great; most online do not. Similar ones are $135 on the internet. I use this style myself.

COMPLETE CHEESEMAKING KIT including CHEESE PRESS PLUS just about EVERYTHING else I sell and use: $250, plus $20 if you want shipping (or you may pick up here). See website: .

Liquid Rennet $6 two ounces non-animal, $8 veal rennet;........

Citric Acid Powder, $4 for 1/4 cup;..........

Cheesemaking Thermometer with extra long 12" stem, $23.........8" stem for $18

Bacterial Starter Cultures for cheese, all kinds: Mesophilic (cheddar, feta, etc). Chevre. Yogurt. Thermophilic (for swiss or parmesan cheese). Sour cream. Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche, and others. $1.50 for a little packet (for 2-4 gallons of milk).

Propionic (for Swiss), Geotrichum, white mold Pen. candidum for brie/camembert, Flora Danica for Blue cheese - these are $3 per little packet.

Cheesemaking books. My own cheesemaking direction book, $10 gives you a discount of $10 when you sign up for a class within a year.

food grade white Cheese Mats for draining, about 6" square" - $2 each

Cheese Wax, $6.50 per pound. Identical to mushroom growing wax.

Many types of Cheese Forms/Molds, from France.

and other supplies.

Quality dairy goats sometimes available.


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WHERE TO BUY CHICKS IN THE ST. LOUIS AREA, and FERTILIZED EGGS for hatching : ( 2009) FENTON FEED MILL, Fenton, Missouri, near the intersection of Highways 270 and 44.

VIDEO of me & the goats:

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CHEESEMAKING CLASSES with MERRYL WINSTEIN, cheesemaker, St. Louis, MO Have fun and learn the REAL ways to make great cheese! Choose Saturday, Sunday or Both MARCH 22-22 MARCH 28 (Saturday only,at Lincoln Log State Historic Site, halfway between St. Louis MO and Indianapolis, IN) MAY 16-17 Classes fill quickly; sign up now at for details & online signup

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