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Alternative Community Farmer -Consultant/ South Florida

About YOU:Thank you for chosing to attend our gardening classes.Please dont forget to leave your name and number to RSVP and tell us which day and which class you are interested to attend???!!!Please be aware that our classes are : 1)Private 2)One on One 3)small groups and by INVITATION ONLY!We will call you back for class location after you sign up by E-MAIL ,leaving your name and number .It is a PREREQUISITE to attending our classes that you read and agree to our "1-2-3 PROTOCOLS", posted and explained below. Our classes require YOU being PREPARED- rather than PREPAID!PLEASE Expect :Hands on / theory class right at the GARDEN- rain or shine .PLEASE Expect to participate in :1)Mental activity including reading our web posted class protocol/blog/reviews/watching our you tube,taking notes, etc. 2) Physical activity :Weeding/planting/harvesting/digging/lifting/carrying etc.You will be exposed to the outside environment elements.Please be PREPARED(put on garden gear ,sun tan,pest repellent etc..)etc.. to experience: Exposures to Sun,heat,rain,dirt/soil,garden pests etc. 3)Accept and agree to RSVP as per our 123 CLASS attendance PROTOCOL including liability DISCLAIMER as described down below. 4) Great Deep-Recession break: We love to help you and your partners attend for less: SPECIAL SUMMER Offer: Buy one gardening class get one half off for friend or partner .


Where are we LOCATED???? Classes available at our gardens in Lake Worth and Delray Beach,and ALSO at the comfort of your own home backyard , in case you made the choice to host a class at your place...PLEASE: Sign up EARLY(One week in advance minimum), to qualify for FREE NATIVE heirloom seeds/seedlings/garden sample cuttings , as available!!HOW TO RSVP ??SIMPLY by emailing us back: "Yes , I read and agree to your DISCLAIMER and class protocol" and app your NAME AND NUMBER".

How much does the class cost???

Adults $20 per person.Children under 12 FREE.No prepayments necessary!Your word suffice!

How do we RSVP?

Send us an email with your complete name and number.Classes are BY INVITATION ONLY!No walk ins. !Short cancellations or NO SHOW up will end you up in a YEAR LONG waiting list/probation.We take your RSVP word SERIOUSLY.Show us how good is your Word-by showing up!

Who is offering class/workshop???

Classes are offered by PROFESSIONAL BA/ Certified University of Florida Master Gardener, with more than 20 years of HANDS ON experience .Home CONSULTATIONS/Private classes are also available by APPOINTMENT only!. We also come to you: CLASSES AT THE COMFORT OF YOUR BACKYARD: Minimum 10 participants at $ 10 per adult..Special offer ONLY at YOUR own home,school,church ,wellness center etc.. !Children under 12 FREE!!!!.!Now Forming Organic Gardening GROUP classes at our/your locations in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

RSVP 123 PROTOCOL: To register for a class,you need to follow registration Protocol:

(1)First:Simply EMAIL US your name and Tel.number !We take your WORD as GOOD.No prepayments necessary...

(2)\SECOND:A confirmed RSVP automatically will imply a DISCLAIMER: that you understand and agree by confirming/acknowledging to attend our classes you are doing so at your own risk/will, and that you waiver and release the underwriter and fascilitator of the class myself and whoever hosting the class property owner/ location ,of whatsoever liabilities/ claims of liabilities involving :personal physical body /material property loss/ body injuries /accidents.Whether physical/mental/material property to your person individual-or company. Upon RSVP you pledge to release us /waiver all kinds of personal liabilities /of loss or injuries in association with taking our classes and that you understand the risks and exposures to indoor/outdoor garden environment .

(3) Third. You agree to: a)Tell us something about yourself, like Background,garden experience ,education and what are you expecting from us?

b)Get acquainted about our work by Watching us on You Tube,reading our blog,checking our reviews .This will give you an orientation about what to expect from us.

c)Automatically accept and agree, upon RSVP to : - Disclaimer and 123 class protocol as posted at our -We reserve OUR right to deny RSVP upon our own discretion. -Class fee non-refundable . Classes are subject to change/cancellation without prior notification.COST:$20 (cash only)/per one adult.It is payable prior to class commencement.SECOND ATTENDEE gets 50% off!.CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE! No pets allowed .No unattended children allowed .Our classes are offered at indoors/outdoors :Non-smoking/non alcohol environments. FREE of Profanity-explicit language or inappropriate dressing code . -Please respect all people ,plants and animals.we are ONE HUMAN FAMILY...Please be considerate of others and DO NOT disturb class by any means.

Last reminder: - Please :Put on garden gear(hats,shoes not flip flops/tank tops or shorts etc..).Hydrate , bring along a bottle of potable water,a writing pad -pen , your business card,your gardening questions (No personal questions about religion,nationality,sex orientation etc).

-Use RESTROOM before you come to the class.Take responsibility and attend to your underage kids.We take no responsibility or liability for any neglect or disruptions by attendeesYou may be asked to leave the class if you violate the class protocols..Lock your car .Leave valuables at home.

e)Disclaimer :Class participamts upon attending class automatically agree to WAIVER All kinds of personal and other unspecified liabilities.Participants attend classes at their own risk disclaiming all kinds of personal/group/accidental etc liabilities or dissatisfactions of whatsover kind against host or class fascilitator.


1-We teach Organic Gardening Classes to large and small groups .Please check our classes schedule at our above mentioned web by clicking on the "Coming Events"box.You may also find our classes schedule published at the "Natural Awakening Magazine-PBC at the Mark Your Calender Ads.Bring/tell a friend!2-We have Fascilitated workshops and classes since 2001 to individuals ,groups and institutions , for example:Non-Profit organizations like: Schools and colleges(Palm Beach State College-Expo 2011),Local Governments(City of Lake Worth-2010-2011) ,Churches(United Metaphysical Church-2009-2010),Public Libraries(West Palm Beach Public Library-April 2011), Community Gardens(Swinton Community Garden) ,Health Food Stores(Nutrition S Mart 2011-Ongoing-Palm Beach Gardens)and many more.. Gardening is a PROCESS.BE PATIENT TO LEARN AND APPLY WHAT YOU LEARN! SOS:DRAUGHT DRAUGHT DRAUGHT .WATER RESTRICTIONS IN PALM BEACH COUNTY NOW IS ON D4 EXTREME ALERT! ONE DAY WATERING PER WEEK.CHECK OUT MORE DETAILS WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT.PLEASE CONSERVE ON WATER!

Why to Learn Organic Urban Farming ?

1-We have been forced to separate from our natural environment through many cycles of CHANGE that impacted our life styles and FOOD ( from the early days of the horse manure to the modern days of the Hybrid car and chemical fertilizers and GMO food!).

2-We evolved from the outdoors into the confined controlled climate of the indoors.Now we want to connect back with Mother Earth to our roots and grow our own FOOD because we have been missing something important that defines us as DWELLERS OF EARTH or(HUMUSAPIENS)Awareness through classes is an introduction .The LEARNING process needs time as well,to readjust our lifestyles and connect back with our original natural environment(EARTH) and get in touch with the FOOD CHI (Living food Energy) . 3-Locally grown food is now on big demansd while the supply is lacking.Backyard farming is filling rhe NICHE!Growing your own food saves on the grocery and hospital bills!My classes are tailored in a SERIES OF: TIME RELEASED non-overwhelming intervals to meet with your own learning pace and garden space...I have a theory and hands on classes each time with different Gardening Topics are offered at each different class. 4-FREE gardening learning posted ONLINE!Cyber-Learning by reading our articles /bloggs published at our blog of the same link web out the small box :"Read our Blog" on 1st web page to acces our blogg!.

5-Make your own portable garden and take it home along with :Hand outs, a garden starter kit ,samples of seeds and seedlings , etc..The Hands on the the take home package will HELP YOU apply what you have learned in theory.

A Background of Horticultural Education and Experience: I went to school and got a BA .Again , I went back to school and got more education on AGRICULTURE. .As you know by now:I am a FOUR GENERATION URBAN FARMER and A Florida Certified HORTICULTURIST backed up by more than 15 years of hands on Organic Urban Farming expperience in the Tropics! I recommend that you take as many classes to learn the organic gardening PROCESS in the TROPICAL climate of SF ,which is different from other parts of the US.Read my articles and leave a review .You learn from me and I like to learn from you:How is my teaching? I have received recommendations and a high ranking evaluation from the Palm Beach State College and the City of Lake Worth beside other 28 commendations, posted at our REVIEWS BOX, which included doctors,teachers,business owners and college students among others..

C) Applying /Accepting /Adapting to Diversity and The Tropical Way of Gardening as the Climate Changes:


(3) Third:A new AGRI-CULTURAL PARADIGM is now in process to accompany the new changeing vibrations/cycles of life on EARTH.Sustainability and self reliance is now a priority for adapting to the new age of challenges / changes on many levels of the new PARADIGM.Solutions are being introduced and sought to counter balance by those who respond positively and are PRO_ACTORS and not REACTORS!Community is the new way of living in the absence of jobs and the lack of paper money.Producing food is a GREEN JOB that stimulates the economy which was raised on speculations ,consumption and acquisitions!!


OUR classes are INTERACTIVE,DIVERSE and OPEN .Please note that OUR GARDENING WAY IS BY NO WAY the ONLY WAY to GARDEN.We recognize and learn from others too.You as well can do same!

Build your own Organic Productive Garden:

Now is the time to prepare /build your organic edible garden . The summer provides the right moments for COMPOSTING.THE four ELEMENTS of CREATION :WATER,AIR,EARTH,FIRE play an important role in the outer physical garden as well as in our inner spiritual garden.Gardening is the art of being in HARMONEY and BALANCE.Gardening is a way of LIFE for being grounded and in touch with MOTHER EARTH and FATHER SKY.

We value your interest and time ,as well as ours too!.Please be patient , understanding and graceful as we touch base. Need more info? Keep scrolling down. .We have two pages available for your eyes only!.

Working Together-The Spirit of Community:

We believe in being partners in learning and implementing the gardening process , so prepare to do some part of the work and do your homework by READING our FREE posted INFO that includes valuable and time tested garden tips imbedded in articles at our blog site:"READ OUR BLOG"!

We welcome co-speakers into our classes , and volunteers to our garden .! We come to you as you come to us !! Bring/tell a friend.Want something for nothing: Read our blog. Otherwise ,be respectful to those who teach you the gardening skills and give back.Thank you for following and agreeing to our classes protocols.

Late climate changes are having negative impact on our harvests(Some farmers had crop failures due to the intermittant extreme change of temperatures and inclement weather ). Support local urban farmers .Buy local organic produce. A lot of farmers are taking a financial hit in this economic crunch of DEEP_RECESSION.Be supportive .

Our PRODUCTS include :Consultations-Workshops - classes - Tutoring :

We specialize in APPLIED EDUCATIONAL BIODYNAMIC GARDENING CONSULTATIONS : Raised beds,community gardening, container gardening, patio organic gardening, group/individual tutoring ,workshops, classes- consulting, customized veggie gardens at your backyards and more..! We come to you:Schools,home associations,churches ,non-profit organizations ,home owners,wellness centers etc..welcome!. We can teach you how to grow your own ORGANIC food and become an URBAN FARMER , hence creating jobs that PRODUCE food not just CONSUME it , and stimulating the local economy by just adding more GREEN JOBS like:Farming the neglected /water wasting lawn backyards that grow just grass and shrubs for decorations!!

Giving back to our community: There are soup kitchens and humans who lost jobs and homes .They need food to eat .While at the Carver Park Community Garden,we donated Organic Produce to THE CARING KITCHEN in Delray Beach from 2001-2008..We welcome volunteers as well working at our community gardens.

Sow a seed .Plant a TREE: You can help the environment by planting fruit trees and vegetables instead of the lawn grass!You can help the economy by producing food and not just consuming it.We can teach you how.

what is required to start an organic garden in the TROPICS of S.Florida ,in a NUT SHELL?

1-Awareness of how to grow your own from an EXPERIENCED and EDUCATED local urban farmer who is active in DOING ,not just TALKING about it. Books confuse you because they are written for general purpose and different -mostly colder northern climates/agri-zones. .Make sure that you get help from a certified gardener /urban farmer who got horticultural education from a local horticultural entity.!S.Florida falls in the sub -Tropical L region.So it makes a difference to learn it the Tropical way!

2-Adjusting /apply gardening procedures to the way of the tropics.

Look for what grows best and not what you like and want.

3-Practice takes time!Gardening is a process.Learn /apply /maintain /harvest/compost .

4- Let there be a starting date,a plan, and a BUDGET to get you started .You learn as you go and grow.Gardening is a PROCESS.It takes time and efforts.

5-Join a community garden in your area. Learn the process first and then apply it to your own backyard. Start small .We recommend container gardening as a starter.

A word to the wise:

From my own personal experience:I noticed that people have a wish to start a garden and it takes them years to do it.A lot of people procrastinate while the growing season passes them by! They fail to find a local professional help to learn the gardening process. They rush to buy stuff from the garden center and expect that this will be it. They think that learning the theory via cyberspace or books is enough. They miss the hands on point! They miss the actual experience right in the outdoor garden! They buy gardening books that were written to accommodate colder regions. They are confused ,angry and still want to get the garden started right now!So,they go shopping for the convenient ready plants, bagged soil, fertilizers ,pesticides, seeds etc...And the bill: you will be amazed!!!!Soooooooo expensive to buy it ready made! You save a lot if you do it on your own. I can help you if you decided to be a part of the process.Remember that there are Nematodes and Aphids that attack your garden from below and above(soil and air). A garden requires maintenance and follow up care.

We need to work on ourselves first before we start digging.Tropical Gardening Awareness ,expectations,experience,budget,practice,maintenance, available time etc.. are of the essence .. Our attitude /intentions /education and dedication to the gardening process will determine whether we fail or succeed.You decide what to do!

Give back:Respect and THANKS

We use composted horse manure and natural environmentally friendly farming procedures. Available only for local Palm Beach county area. We believe in giving back to our community.We donate to soup kitchens. Read the reviews about what people ,who took our class , say about us!

Respect the living earth by paying attention to its living inhabitants: soil, plants, animals and humans. Respect is the keyword to a meaningful life on earth .it is free and mutually felt, just like love!WE fight global warming locally by enriching and teaching our community through planting more EDIBLE FLOWERS /FRUIT TREES and GREENS.Productive organic gardening is Safe Investment in times of market$ crash and tainted food, Trust your money portfolio into your own "stock-yard" and grow living" green dividends that keep you and your family healthy: grow your own food "wealth" .

Last but not least:

Replace your inefficient -unproductive lawn- save on the water and groceries bill-with a bountiful EDIBLE garden. Do you live in an apartement with a patio? Try container gardening! Are you busy and have no time to work it out? Ask us how we can help? Ever heard of recalls on contaminated food? Have questions or need more info? Come to our classes! RSVP by JUST leaving name and contact phone number.Available:

We also teach you safety through garden ergonomics ..Read our blog and LEARN online for FREE from our local urban farming experience !. Remember though: No experience necessary...but you must be willing to learn /apply the gardening process, and have a budget and to garden .

More info at our web page /blog link:

Watch us on YOU TUBE:

Read about us at the Sun-sentinal article: 1)www. Follow us at Natural Awakening Magz-PBC "Mark your calendar", and web sites :

2)www.http// www., 3)www., 4)www., 5)www.,


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Available: 1) Native Tropical Trees/plants,in season: Moringa-Mango-Avocado-Papaya-kama-Sutra-Mentha-Neem-Tomato.Native miscellaneous seedlings/seeds/Herbs/Veggies.Example:Pinto Beans,black eye peas,calaloo-spinach,laloo greens,Mustard,collards,radishes,basils,rose mary, cuban oregano,sun flower and much more. Customized and ready made Aromatgherapy portable Botanical Baskets of assorted above mentioned herbs and plants as available in season. 2)Home garden consultations/classes/help

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