Always Grassfed Beef, LLC

Always Grass-fed Beef LLC is located on a family farm 45 miles east of Austin, TX.

Our mission is to produce the best tasting, most tender, most nutritious dry aged beef available through sustainable farming, using carefully selected genetics and feeding animals from birth to market on nutrient dense grasses and legumes. The gentleness of our animals, a result of genetic selection and pampered handling, translates directly into meat tenderness.

Since we use NO synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides on our forage, a flourishing diversity of soil microbes improve nutrient cycling and deliver more trace minerals through the food chain to you. Numerous research studies have documented that grass finished meat has superior ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids, linked to reduced risk of heart disease, and superior levels of CLA, linked to reduced cancer risk.

Soil, forage, and animal health are further enhanced through compost tea and regularly moving animals to “A Clean Plate,” rotating among mostly 2 acre paddocks.

Every animal marketed is free of hormones, steroids, chemical wormers and antibiotics.

We sell whole, halves, or quarters. See pricing page on our website for more details.

We will deliver to the Elgin/Manor/Bastrop area. Make an appointment for a farm tour. You will become a believer in the meat we’ve raised to feed our grandchildren.


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Raising quality grassfed beef requires attention to detail and due diligence in bringing all the right ingredients together. It begins with developing healthy soil biology. To this is added both warm and cool season grasses for year round grazing. Finally, cattle with carefully selected genetics utilize these grasses efficiently, resulting in tender, flavorful, nutrient dense meat. All of this is accomplished in a humane, natural environment where animals eat grass their entire life.

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