We are a small family run farm/ranch raising primarily Heritage breeds of livestock and vegetable crops. We raise a wide variety of vegetables, and also livestock such as beef cattle, grass fed milk cows and goats, pastured poultry, free range eggs, hogs, goats, etc. We will also raise to order for restaurants or other large volume customers. We sell through the Oklahoma Food Cooperative, the Ponca City Farmers Market, and directly from the farm. We are developing a CSA within the next year. We raise all our products without any added hormones, antibiotics, etc. Although we are not certified organic, we do use primarily organic principles, and use no chemicals, pesticides, etc on our vegetable crops. All animals are raised in humane, natural conditions. We specialize in "happy animals" and "healthy humans". Please E-mail with your comments, suggestions, and any requests you may have. We will also be glad to put you on our e-mail newsletter to keep you informed of happenings and availablity on the farm!


Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2009

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I absolutely love their chicken & beef. I haven't tried anything else yet but I soon will. They are the only farm that is willing to meet me as most of these type of farms are pretty far away from the city, so it is prohibitive to go to them, so their service is awesome and they are so helpful.

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