AML Appaloosas

We maintain a small flock of free range chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. We raise heritage breed turkeys.

Due to the Proposed Animal Id Act (NAIS) I will no longer be selling free range eggs or animals. NAIS will destroy the small farmer and is of great concern to both small farmers and their customers. I am busy trying to stop NAIS and will not sell animals or allow farm visits until NAIS is dead.

For those of you that don't know about NAIS yet here are some links for further reading.

We also raise Foundation Appaloosas.

Listing last updated on Apr 10, 2010

AML Foundation Appaloosas

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Attention New Mexico Residents


 NAIS Discussion at Horse symposium

The Horse Symposium to be held at the Moriarty Civic Center on March 20-22 has scheduled the New Mexico Livestock Board to speak about NAIS.

Do we have anyone who can go to the sessions and spread NO NAIS flyers and information? I may be able to go on one of the weekend days, but I live over 2 hours one way drive from the event and I'm working on Friday.... [more]

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