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Angel Acres Farm, LLC offers meat processed from grass-fed/grass finished beef steers. These are all antibiotic-free and growth hormone- free. The Belted Galloway is known for their gentle nature, ease of calving, adaptability, and they are genetically inclined to allow for a grass fed/finished beef unlike most commercially, feed-lot produced meat we have been used to. Grass is the natural food for cattle, not grain. Angel Acres' cattle are raised as 'natural' as domestic animals can be raised. While we walk among them, call them by name, watch the calves romp, and wean them close to our residence we grow very fond of our Belties. It is our hope to share this wonderful discovery with others who appreciate a unique taste (because every year the grass is a little different from the last) in low fat beef. It is satisfying to know what 'went into' our product, and to be able to honestly offer to customers that integrity and peace of mind obtained from a natural, wholesome, product. An extensive system of Management Intensive Grazing has been put in place so that our animals frequently get a fresh table set with the green things they love and need. A very generous and knowledgeable 'Farm Manager' helps to make it all work for the best, benefitting the animal, the soil, and the consumer.

The grass-fed Belted Galloway has less subcutaneous fat and is higher in Omega 3 acids than many other breeds of cattle. We concentrate on the best burger meat possible by putting most of the cuts of meat into the ground product. We have found that we have little to 'pour off' into the garbage when we make tacos, sloppy joes, cheeseburgers, meat loaf and meat balls. All meat is inspected and wrapped, labeled, and frozen for delivery..

Grass fed, young veal calves provide a delicious menu item. Advance notice is necessary for scheduling processing but almost always available.

The Katahdin/Dorper lamb cross has been a wonderful product for those who were fortunate enough to obtain them from Angel Acres Farm in the past couple years. More are coming for summer processing.

Freezer Beef by the 1/4 or 1/2 has become a great choice in these tough times when we don't know what is coming up next. Stocking up with the cuts of meat most favored is a wise decision. Again, advance notice for the purpose of scheduling with the processor is necessary.

Of course, we keep chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and turkeys. We hatch our own and surely enjoy them when it is time for them to become the gift to us that God meant them be. Our farming philosophy and practices are reflected in our memberships in such groups as Slow Food, American Forage and Grassland Council, AgriMissouri, Belted Galloway Society of America, and Eatwild.

See us on the web at Call or e-mail your questions and orders. Call us at 1 888 611 2167 to schedule a farm visit.


Listing last updated on Jul 23, 2013

Gently raised, grass-fed, grass finished Belted Galloway Ground Beef and Veal.

In Missouri, you can taste our products and purchase them for home use at locations such as LUCAS PARK GRILLE in downtown St.Louis, LOCAL HARVEST CAFE/MARKET near Tower Grove, and BIG SKY in Webster Groves, and The NUTRITION STOP in St. Peters. Retail delivery is possible in and around St. Louis, Jefferson City, Rolla, and mid-MO locations.

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