TOP SELLER! Anti-Fungal-Candidas-Nail Fungus

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TOP SELLER! Anti-Fungal-Candidas-Nail Fungus

Our HerbalAnti-Fungal Oil And Tincture Effectively Aids Toe nail fungus, Candidas, Athletes Foot and Dermatitis-100% Chemical Free

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AS AN HERBALIST FOR 30+ YEARS..This formula is the ONLY product on the market that cleared my 18 year Candidas!

Anti-Fungal Herbal Oil

Our Anti-Fungal Herbal oil FUNGALONGONE COMBINED with our Anti-fungal Tincture: FUNGAL DEFENSE-- is one of the most effective remedies we have formulated for healing and diminishes unsightly toe-nail fungus. mild to severe athletes foot as well as associated Candidas Skin Rashes.

Toe Nail Fungus is normally a symptom of an unhealthy digestive system that has created harmful bacterial fungus which symptoms break out in the form of unsightly thick and brittle toe-nails, or itchy, red and inflamed skin rashes particularly around the groin area. Toe nail infections are difficult to treat as there is less blood circulation to the toes. We have chosen the most potent natural anti-bacterial herbs that have been used for centuries to help in eliminating this embarassing ailment.

Our Proof is in the Ingredients!:

Fungalongone (Topical herbal oil) ingredients: Black Walnut: Oregano:, Garlic, Tea Tree, Clove, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vit. E

FUNGAL DEFENSE TINCTURE (Dietary supplement) ingredients: Black Walnut, Oregano, Garlic, Pau De Arco, Echinacea Leaf, Clove

1 oz of each oil and tincture will supply enough treatment for 1 month. ORDER BOTH FOR BEST RESULTS and tackle the problem from the Inside Out! We recommend a 4 month supply to ensure total clearing of fungal issues and their symptoms.

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