Apple and Wine Press Co.

We are a manufacturer of small apple presses. We produce two lines of presses ideally suited to the small orchard owner, the Premier Press and the Modular Press.

Our Premier Press is an all-in-one press allowing full juicing capabilities for any orchard owner. Built on a wheeled frame, our Premier Presses combine both cutter and press into one handy, usable machine.

Our Modular Press combines numerous options in cutters and presses with a light but sturdy construction that allows pressing to occur at any point in an orchard. We offer an assortment of cutters for different non-pitted fruits, and offer two different press options, all of which fit with no hassle and no mess. Its personal to what your orchard needs, you pick the attachments that best fit you and your fruit!

We use metal and plastic primarily in our construction, thus removing the worries of deterioration and making clean-up a snap. All of our presses are either painted, plated or made of plastics used by industry in food preparation. We have designed them to be very low maintenance. We offer both electric and non-electric presses in both our Premier and Modular lines, thus making our presses suitable to all orchards.

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Listing last updated on Oct 18, 2013

October 2013: we are currently building two presses, so if you would like one, let us know, we can get it shipped out to you in just about a week

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Even though it says this listing was updated June 11, 2011, it is not accurate.

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