Apple Jack Creek Farm

There is nothing quite like grass-fed lamb! Low in fat, high in nutrition, and locally produced, it's some of the best meat you can put on your table. We also offer free range eggs, and fibre from our flock of Icelandic and Down breed sheep.

Our sheep are fed quality hay in the winter, supplemented with alfalfa pellets if they need a bit of extra nutrition, and they are turned out to pasture as soon as the grass is ready for them. We do vaccinate against common ailments, but we feed our ruminants no grain at all, and we do not use any sort of routine antibiotics. Our chickens are truly free-range: the guardian dogs protect the entire farm (and much of the surrounding area, in fact), so the chickens are able to spend their days roaming the pastures, eating all the bugs and seeds they can find in addition to the non-medicated feed we provide for them. We believe that small farms are good for animals and good for people, and we're proud to share the bounty of our little piece of Alberta with you.


Listing last updated on Jul 9, 2009

Try grass fed lamb from pasture-raised sheep and taste the difference! Icelandic lamb is known for it's mild flavour ... if you think you don't like lamb, give it another try ... you may be pleasantly surprised!

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