Apple Valley Creamery

Apple Valley Creamery is a small, family-owned dairy farm and creamery committed to providing healthy, quality dairy products. Our milk is wholesome, farm-fresh, and all-natural. We also offer a wide range of other products made right here on our farm such as specialty flavored milks, premium ice cream, butter, and beef. We carry local eggs from free-range and cage-free chickens, a variety of organic and gluten free products, and seasonal items such as cider and pumpkins. Call to schedule a tour or stop by our farm to see where your milk is produced and bottled.

The dairy farm has been owned and operated by the Stoner family since 1928. In recent years, as farming operations became bigger throughout the country, small family owned and operated dairy farms have struggled to remain profitable. Instead of going with the trend of expanding the size of the farm, the Stoner family chose to start selling milk directly to the public as a way to keep their small farm in business. Realizing that the task was too large for their family to handle they shared their vision with the Everett family. In 2005 the two families joined forces to found Apple Valley Creamery. After a year and a half of construction, the families opened their farm store in October 2006 to sell their milk directly to the public. In December, 2006 the farm expanded its operation by offering a home delivery service. Both families are now excited to be able to provide local products for their customers. They believe that local foods taste better, are fresher, and are better for you and the environment. Being able to come to the farm and see where your milk is produced and bottled and talk to the people doing it provides that bond of trust between the farmer and consumer that is often lost in our modern society.


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Remember the taste of milk in glass bottles? We think that you will be able to taste the difference! Most of our milk is bottled in environmentally friendly, returnable glass bottles. The glass bottles keep the milk colder, so that your milk stays fresh longer.

Schedule and Location:

Please visit out web site for current locations.

Schedule and Location:

Our store hours are Tuesday - Friday 10 AM-6 PM, Saturday 8 AM-6 PM. We are closed on Sunday & Monday.

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We have been buying milk from AppleValley for several years. I think it tastes better and stays fresher longer than what you can buy in a regular store.... [more]

We have been purchasing our milk from Apple Valley for about 2 years. My husband loves their chocolate milk which is very thick and creamy. I have been buying their pasturized/homogenizied milk but recently bought some farm fresh (raw) and it is of excellent quality as well.... [more]

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