Here at AppleSnout Farm we raise small numbers of Free Range Heritage Breed pigs and Boer x Kiko meat goats for the discerning consumer. Our animals roam fifty acres that produces a diverse and rich source of browse- complimented each fall by apples, acorns, and Hickory nuts. Free range at Applesnout is not a sometime proposition or an exercise hour in the barn yard each day. I like to call my goats and pigs Free- Free range animals. Our animals lead a natural life with room to roam, thriving on a diverse diet free of antibiotics and hormones. By keeping livestock numbers low to the acre, the animals maintain a high level of health and Independence. In kind, the low volume of animals assures the land remain a sustainable and humane environment for our pigs and goats. The resulting meat is simply clean, healthful and delicious. The following is gleaned from The Free Range pork Farmers Association of Austrailia but sums up the philosophy here at Applesnout Farm precisely. Our Pigs shall be: free to graze pasture free to experience sunshine, wind and rain have access to clean fresh water and good feed free to express instinctive behaviour free of pain, discomfort and disease free from fear and distress protected from predators able to nurture their young free from hormones, growth promotants and antibiotics


Listing last updated on Jan 3, 2009

We sell piglets, pigs raised on subscription, and whole and half pigs custom cut and wrapped picked up at the butchers. We can custom rear suckling pigs ,luow pigs,etc. We strive to provide the best product available anywhere at prices that do not exclude the family consumer.

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