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?Aquila Acres? Offers Community Supported Agriculture What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA consists of a community of members who pledge support to a family farm operation. It is an innovative and resourceful strategy to connect local organic farmers with consumers. By becoming a member, (otherwise known as a ?share holder?) in a CSA farm you develop a regional food supply that promotes a strong local economy. An excerpt from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide, states: Community Supported Agricultural Farms share a commitment to build a more local and equitable agricultural system, one that allows growers to focus on land stewardship and still maintains productive and profitable small farms.

To become a share holder, the consumer purchases in advance a share of the season?s harvest. The money that is paid in advance covers the farms yearly operating budget which includes the purchase of seeds, equipment, labor, etc. By partnering together with the farmer, the consumer shares in the responsibilities, and benefits of having a family farm. In return, the farmer provides (to the best of their ability) an all natural, fresh, healthy supply of vegetables and meat. Members also share in the risks of farming, including poor harvests due to unfavorable weather or pests. Many members choose to help out by spending their free time out in the garden. For some, distance is an obsticle, so we have established designated drop-off locations to suit the needs of our members. Our share holder?s experience a sense of self satisfaction that is gained by having a responsible relationship with us (the farmer), the food they eat and the land that it is grown on. To reach Aquila Acres in Kinde, please visit us on the web at: or call 989-856-2755 anytime.


Listing last updated on Jan 21, 2004

Chevon (goat meat) Turkeys Chickens Fresh Produce

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2004

# of Shares:  100

Full Share:  Our share prices vary greatly depending on your needs.

1/2 Share:  Please visit our website.

Work Req?  No

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