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The Fish Pepper is an African-American heirloom widely grown around the east coast in the 19th century. Fish Pepper plants have beautiful green and white variegated foliage with pendant fruits that are 2-3 inches long. When the fruits ripen, they change in color from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes, and then eventually to an all-red eating pepper. Traditionally, the fish pepper was used in oyster and crab houses around the Chesapeake Bay. Rated as 3 on a heat scale of 1-5, the Fish Pepper is also perfect for mild-medium salsas.

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Broad Wing Farm LLC

  Morgantown, PA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Broad Wing Farm includes 3 1/2 acres of Certified Naturally Grown vegetables and herbs along with additional pastures and woods devoted to livestock. We are now offering CSA shares for our 2016 season! Small is beautiful and our scale allows us to attend to details and quality. (more...)

Brambleberry Permaculture Farm LLC

  Paoli, IN

Brambleberry Farm is a small permaculture-based market farm and nursery with about an acre-and-a-half of garden beds with a maturing fruit-tree based "food-forest" cradling the northern arc. We use sheet mulch on our beds and do not till them--all tools used in the garden are simple hand-tools. (more...)

Boy Wood Farm

  Graham, NC

Boy Wood Farm is a small and diversified farm located in lower Alamance County, near the Haw River in the town of Swepsonville. We only use sustainable farming methods in trying to build soil health, nurturing the diversity of plants and animals and feeding each other gifts from the land. (more...)

Bountiful Organics

  Sagle, ID

Bountiful Organics is located in the beautiful north Idaho panhandle. We offer 'Certified Organic' speciality produce, fruit, flowers, and herbs. With encouragement from our devoted customers, we are now offering CSA shares. Our members will receive a weekly supply of what is in season at our farm. (more...)

Bobbett's -- Naturally Grown Produce

  Liberty, KY

Certified Naturally Grown small farm run by the Owner/Farmer. I grow Open Pollinated, Heirloom, and non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and garlic in an organic manner. NO pesticides. No herbicides. Everything's done by hand. I began selling directly from my farm in 2008. (more...)

Bluemoon Organics

  Sarona, WI

We are a small organic producer of veggies and apples. We have 12 garlic varieties,20 heirloom tomato varieties, many potato including 5 types of fingerlings as well carrots. beans, peppers, cabbages etc. Most all varieties are heirloom. (more...)