Green-striped cushaw, aka Tennessee Sweet Potato Cushaw squash

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Though the green-striped cushaw is technically a winter squash, it also produces a spring harvest. Found throughout the American South, the 10-20 lb squash has a yellow, slightly sweet flesh that is often substituted for pumpkin in pie recipes. It has a moist, hardy nature that stands up well in sweltering summer heat. The Cushaw is a central figure to much of southwestern Native American cooking, and is also prevalent in traditional Louisiana Creole dishes. While the green-striped cushaw is not endangered per se, it tends to be grown in small batches, often for private use, and is not widely available in retail markets.

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Crispy Farms

  apopka, FL

We are a small family farm complete with cows, chickens, ducks, goats and rabbits. We operate a functional, sustainable homestead and support ourselves by selling the surplus of what we grow for ourselves. Our farm is inspected by the USDA and certified organic under the Certified Naturally Grown Program. (more...)

Cornucopia Farm

  Scottsburg, IN

Cornucopia Farm is our family farm located in Southern Indiana. We specialize in "Educating about Agriculture while Having Fun!" We enjoy meeting our customers at the Washington County Farmers Market beginning in June through October. Our market located on our farm is officially open in September and October. (more...)

Cold Springs Farm CSA

  Weatherford, TX    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Cold Springs Farm is a specializes in heirloom and rare varieties, as well as new varieties. The farm is in the NRCS transition to organic EQIP program as well as Certified Naturally grown. The farm is also home to free range chickens, turkeys, and red wattle hogs, and bees!(more...)

Camp Wisdom Foundation

  Jackson, MS

We are a nonprofit organization that supports elementary school children in Jackson, Mississippi. Our 10,000 square foot Wisdom Garden was implemented as a teaching garden. With 88% of the school student of free and reduced lunch the need was clear. (more...)

Buckhorn Gardens

  Montrose, CO

Our beautiful farm rests at 6700 feet at the base Buckhorn Mountain in Montrose, Colorado. Although we are not certified organic, we go above and beyond the organic standards. We specialize in growing an assortment of heirloom and open pollinated vegetable varieties that are richer in nutrients and flavor then "standard" varieties. (more...)

Brian & Julia's Farm LLC

  Mathews, VA

I raise an extensive selection of fresh seasonal produce available as CSA shares. I do NOT use any chemical fertilizers or herbicides (weed killers) in the vegetable fields, I do not plant any GMO varieties. If I use pesticides, they are listed for organic use and are used only as a last resort to save a crop. (more...)